Highest calorie per cup food?

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Ginger DSA- ThD TT CGC - &hearts

My Angel
Barked: Tue Oct 28, '08 5:24pm PST 
Does anyone know what dog food has the highest number of calories per cup? Ginger is not eating well and I am trying to find out how to get her the most amount of calories with the littlest volume possible... Yesterday I ground up her kibble in the food processor and mixed it with chicken broth into a paste and hand/syringe fed her but I am wondering if there is a higher calorie food to use than Instinct.

The Wise Cracker
Barked: Tue Oct 28, '08 6:00pm PST 
Evo Large Bites has 537 per cup.
All the Nature's Logic formulas have 551 per cup.

I think those are the highest of any other kibbles.

I hope you get to feeling better soon Ginger.hug

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you are what you- eat :)
Barked: Tue Oct 28, '08 6:02pm PST 
I think for:

Grain-Free: Canine Cavier Venison & Split Pea (586 kcals/cup)

Grain-Inclusive: Innova Adult (557 kcals/cup)


The Wise Cracker
Barked: Tue Oct 28, '08 6:07pm PST 
Oooo, yeah. I forgot all about Canine Caviar!

Their Chicken and Pearl Millet is 599 per cup.

Innova Adult is now 504 per cup.confused Guess they changed the formula.

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Harley - RIP

Burger Queen
Barked: Tue Oct 28, '08 6:19pm PST 
Orijen Puppy has 523 and it's ALS. Also, I don't know how you feel about them, but TWO was always VERY high calorie. Wild & Natural was almost 600 I think. Hope Ginger feels better soon. hug