Blue Buffalo or Natural Balance?

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Barked: Thu Jul 3, '08 6:45am PST 
Okay, so I read someone say that Canidae is going to be down sizing there bag, yet charing the same price. Well, if that's the case I want to move onto another dog food.

The only reason I have been sticking with Canidae is because of the 40lb bags. At first, it was the price, but it's gone up around here (it's now $41). I saw that Blue Buffalo and Natural Balance are in that price range, just 30-35lb bags.

Which one of those foods would you choose? What type do you recommend? What is the biggest sized bag you can get?

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Barked: Thu Jul 3, '08 6:52am PST 
I feed Ultra Premium Natural Balance. I wanted to feed Venison Grainfree [[something like that]] but my mom wasn't too fond of feeding Lucy Venison; she's weird she likes the normal meats for dogs. I don't remember what size I get but I'm pretty sure its 35 lbs.
Lucyy!?!!- =]]

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Barked: Thu Jul 3, '08 6:55am PST 
I'm thinking about feeding Blue Buffalo Wilderness though. It's a 6 starer but I don't know the bag sizes and what not.


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Barked: Thu Jul 3, '08 7:14am PST 
canidaes prices will be changing in accordance with the bag sizes, some time in the next two weeks.

I would just wait to see the changes before you change over.

That being said, i would take natural balance over blue. Blue is fairly grain heavy and a lower quality that NB

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Barked: Thu Jul 3, '08 7:19am PST 
I prefer Blue over Natural Balance. Mostly cause I've noticed that while Blue may be grain heavy, the first two ingredients are meat and meat meal. The only thing I do like about NB Ultra Prem is it is a 3 meat source, but if you rotate, it doesn't make that big of a difference. I also like the idea behind Blue's Lifesource Bits.
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Barked: Thu Jul 3, '08 8:51am PST 
i've been wanting to try the natural balance. zeppelin and dixie get wellness core right now. i'm trying to determine which they do better on, a grain-free or a grain-inclusive. i know some of the NB's are grain free, and i think that's what we'll try next.

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Barked: Thu Jul 3, '08 9:27am PST 
Natural Balance is the only food Gunner will eat without any type of toppings.

I would choose either Natural Balance or Blue Buffalo Wilderness. Or maybe even rotate them.way to go

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Barked: Thu Jul 3, '08 9:35am PST 
Well, lets compare.
The blue chicken is 25% protein, and first 2 are chicken and chicken meal.

The blue lamb is 22% protein and first 2 are lamb and lamb meal.

The Whitefish is 22% protein, and first 4 are Whitefish, Whole Ground Brown Rice, Whole Ground Barley, Menhadden Fish Meal, which means it is really the rice and barley before any fish or fish meal--so this is my least BB fav.

They do also have a small breed which is 26% protein and first 2 are chicken and chicken meal. The small breed is my pick b/c it has the most protein and the first 2 ingredients are meat---well, my pick out of what is written above (the blue buff formulas).

However, BB does have a Wilderness low carb formula that is 42% protein and has a nice first list of ingredients which are Deboned Chicken, Chicken Meal, Potato Starch, Turkey Meal, Whitefish Meal, Salmon Meal,--which is a nice array of meat. I would pick this over the regular BB anyday, but it might be higher priced--I would check in your area and see--it might not be much more or similar in price to the Canidae.

Lastly BB has a new Organic food that is 24% protein, and first 2 are Organic Deboned Chicken, Organic Brown Rice---so it is ok.
Ok, on to Natural Balance....

NB Chicken is 23% protein and first ingredients are Chicken, Brown Rice, Lamb Meal, Oatmeal, Barley, Duck Meal, Potatoes.

NB Lamb is 21% protein and first ingredients are Lamb Meal, Brown Rice, Ground White Rice, Rice Bran

NB Sweet potato and Venison is 20% protein and first ingredients are Sweet Potatoes, Venison, Venison Meal, Potato Protein.

NB Potato and Duck is 21% protein and first ingredients are Potatoes, Duck Meal, Duck.

NB Sweet potato and Fish is 21% protein and first ingredients are Sweet Potatoes, Salmon, Salmon Meal.

NB Organic is 22% protein and first ingredients are Natural Chicken, Organic Brown Rice, Chicken Meal followed by a lot of other grains.

GEEZ they have a lot of formulas! BOL! I skipped the senior, high energy, and vegetarian ones. They have them on their site but I didnt think it was what you were looking for.
I know lots of people say the BB is grain heavy which it is a little, but if you read around the NB is also often mentioned as grain heavy. But if you are going to feed a grain inclusive food they are good foods.

My first pick would be ofcourse the BB wilderness, with the higher protein and lots of meats, it is the winner for me. It is marketed as lower carb b/c it does have a little grain in in. (NB does have grain free too, but it is at a low protein level, which is unusual for grain frees).

If you want to stick with the other formulas I have to say, Id pick the BB small breed, then the BB Chicken or BB Lamb and the NB Lamb. I mean, the BB has the meat and meal meal before the rest of the ingredients, whereas the NB usually (except for the lamb) has the potato or other carb/grains before the meat and meat meals.

Id rather see the meat and meat meals before anything else, and in picking a food it is a good way to start. Granted lots of people use both brands, and Ive heard for allergies some of the NB formulas are awesome! But If I was just picking based on ingredients, Id go with what I listed above.

Hmm side note, I just realized some of the NB foods are grain free--but are still at like 21% protein---so if you are looking for a low protein grain free for some reason, NB could be a good option if you don't mind all the potatoes.

And like I said, they are BOTH very good foods, and lots of people feed both.

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Barked: Thu Jul 3, '08 1:20pm PST 
Pugsley, I wonder if you could find Healthwise made by Natura (Innova, EVO company). They are kind of cheap in the petstore around my area. I believe it was $28.99 for 40lb. bag (if it's not 40lb. bag, it was still a gigantic one). The ingredients are really, really good and the price is not bag.

ETA: I know you only asked about those two, but I wanted to throw this one out there for you to consider as an option. wink

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Barked: Thu Jul 3, '08 1:39pm PST 
Hey Pugsley. Are all the dog's going to switch over? If so, you may want to consider calorie density of the kibbles you're thinking about as it plays a big role in how much a food costs per serving.

Here are some foods and the amount of calories per pound:

Blue Buffalo:
Chicken and Brown Rice – 1673
Lamb and Brown Rice – 1544
Fish and Sweet Potato – 1620
Wilderness - 1702

Chicken and Oatmeal – 1705
Lamb and Oatmeal – 1668

Adult - 1895

Natural Balance:
Ultra Premium – 1632
Ultra Premium Small Bites - 1660
Potato and Duck - 1492
Potato & Duck Small Bites - 1610
Sweet Potato and Fish – 1484
Sweet Potato and Venison – 1548

Taste of the Wild:
High Prairie – 1691
Pacific Stream – 1636
Wetlands - 1705

All Life Stages – 1875
Chicken and Rice – 1899
Lamb and Rice – 1828

Here's the link with the rest of the caloric information. Li nk

That link might be helpful when you go to figure out what is the best value.
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