Ideas to fatten up my dog?

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Barked: Sat Jun 28, '08 6:34am PST 
My italian greyhound is on the skinny side, just weighed in at 15 lbs yesterday at the vet... The doc didn't give me any good ideas on how to put some meat on her, so I am asking you guys.

Is there any particular food with more protein that anyone can suggest.

Also, I have read about Satin Balls, bad or good?

Callie thanks you!
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Barked: Sat Jun 28, '08 7:08am PST 
Dennis and Trixie each put on a few pounds of muscle when they switched tfrom Canidae to a higher protein, low carb food. We started with Wellness Core, then went to Orijen, and are now on Nature's Logic. I think any of these would work for you, and I know there are some others out there too, we just haven't tried them.

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There are a few things you can try.

You can first switch to a food that is very high calorific. For example, if your dog eats a cup of food a day, you want to make sure he is getting the most calories in that one cup that he can. Calories can range a LOT, so I would check out Sedona's "good food for those on a budget" thread, where she lists the calories for each food by pound. Compare and pick a high one.

Satin balls are also known to work well. We did a version of them, we just got the fattiest ground beef, and fed that, along with some rice, scrambled eggs, and some plain cereal like flakes or cheerios. Give good treats like ones that have some good calories--like a ball of the raw meat, instead of a dinky low calories cookie.

You could also try feeding more meals throughout the day, she may eat less eat each, but 5 small meals can addup to more than 2 regular meals. And raw ground beef is usually a HUGE hit, so either do it like I did, or actually do that satin ball recipe. Good luck!


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Daisy saw it pawfectly!dancing

Also, try adding high calorie canned food to high calorie dry. That's what I do to keep meat on my high energy Shetland. Also, if you use treats in training, high calorie treats are good tooway to go
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I've never tried the Satin Balls, but I've seen rave reviews of them here at Dogster. And of course you can always bring on the canned food mixed with kibble. That works, too. I think one thing to remember though is that gaining weight takes more time than we would like. I had a foster who desparately needed to gain weight, and I'd frustrate myself because he didn't just gain five pounds overnight. But then I remembered that if he had, he would've been doubling his weight overnight!!! eek So a dose of patience helps as well. wink

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I would suggest giving more frequent meals to your dog on your existing food (if it is working well for you) to see if that works before switching foods, as switching to a higher protien/fat food can sometimes trigger diaharea. When we need to bulk up our skinny dogs, we use 1) an additional meal during the day, 2) a mix of ground turkey, raw egg, and cooked rice frozen into small meat-ball sized amounts. Freeze them on a cookie tray, then when frozen you can store them in a ziplock in the freezer and add 1-2 balls to dinner as needed.

You might also want to check your thyroid levels.

Good luck-


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I would try adding some extra fat in the form of salmon oil or flax oil. Fats/oils supply 2 1/4 times the calories as any carb or protein. One tablespoon will supply around 120 calories, so I would try around 1/4 tsp and see if that works. Increasing protein doesn't really work, as excess protein gets excreted and not stored as fat, this is why it works well as an overweight diet.
Satin balls are great too!

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