Anyone heard of Gnawlers?

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Flying Dog
Barked: Thu Aug 2, '12 7:19am PST 
Yes, these bones are available in the USA, a search via your favorite search engine will bring them up under "gnawlers". They are made of compressed rawhide and there is quite a bit of information about them at www.gnawlers.info

My dog has been enjoying them for over 2 years and they are one of her favorite treats. She has beautiful teeth and I credit regular healthy chewing. A mothers love knows no bounds.

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Toto, CD, RN, CGC

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Barked: Sat Dec 29, '12 8:48am PST 
No way are my dogs eating ANY product manufactured in China, especially not a rawhide product. I am also not real confident with a website with spelling errors all over the place like theirs!

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