hemp seeds???

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i maybe low in iron & will be getting tested in may when i get my wellness test done. in the meantime mommy was wondering if it is safe for me to have hemp seeds??? mommy maybe low in iron as well...she's a vegetarian & one of the things she was advised to eat is hemp seeds as they are high in iron. mommy throws them in her salads, cereal, oatmeal... can she throw them in my bowl too???shrug

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I would think that hemp seeds take a long time to digest. I would think a pup probably wouldn't get too much nutritional benefit from them because their digestive tract is so short, the seeds might not have enough time to break down. Maybe if you grind them first? What about hempseed oil? It's rich in omega fatty acids, but I don't know about iron. Might want to look into that.
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Why does it have to be hemp seeds? Why not research other less controversial high iron sources like pumpkin seeds, shrimp, sirloin steak, black beans, tofu, chick peas, potato with skin, adding vit c to aid in absorption of iron from plant sources?

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What's controversial about hemp seeds? There is a connection between hemp seeds and marijuana, but the variety of cannabis plant one grows for a edible hemp seeds isn't the same as to produce the drugs. Hemp seeds sold as food won't get you "high", either. I'm not an rabid advocate for the legalization of marijuana, especially as a recreational drug, but I do think it's really unfortunate that most people are so misguided as to the relationship between hemp as a food and fibers crop and the world of drug production. Hemp seeds are wonderful and healthy!

You can give a dog hemp seeds and hemp oil, but it's probably not going to end up being a good source of supplemental iron should you need it. Dogs ideally get their nutrients from animal products. Fresh heart and other organs like liver, spleen, and kidney are fantastic and VERY bioavailable sources of iron for a dog.

Seeds are healthy tasty treats for dogs, but in their whole form they don't offer a whole lot in the way of nutrition, as they don't really mesh with a dog's digestive physiology. IF you really feel the need for your dog to get nutrients from seeds they'll have to be ground into a meal before you feed them. (Might consider that for yourself, too. Seed hulls are great for protecting the pulp and oils inside a seed from rancidity, but they also do a great job of preventing the body from accessing all the "good stuff"! Humans have teeth and jaws that can grind to some extent, but you'll maximize the benefit of eating seeds like hemp and flax if you grind them right before you eat them.) Coffee grinders are great for grinding oily seeds and nuts -- they'll jam up a grain mill.

Do you suspect that Meeko is iron deficient, or that his body isn't utilizing his dietary iron properly? If it turns out Meeko is iron deficient or anemic the regular diet should be the first place you try to make improvements or adjustments. Obviously if it's as simple as him not getting enough dietary iron you need to examine his regular diet and find out why not. If it's more of a medical problem of his body not using iron properly and iron supplementation is required it will most likely be most effective as part of the regular diet, too.

Whoa! Long answer for a relatively simple question! big grin

our little- boston- TERROR!!!!!
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thanks smile