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Molly- Macaroni

Born to SNIFF~!!
Barked: Fri Mar 30, '07 8:12pm PST 
I must tell you that l was very upset last nite after reading some of the things that were posted about Merrick.

I was feeding Nature's Varitey Raw Instinct...until I found out that NV uses Menu Foods for its' canned pet food.

One of the problems I have with Menu Foods (besides thsi awful recall) is the fact that MF conducts invasive cruel and inhumane animal testing.

Most of the dogs they use...are beagles. One of my girls is a beagle.

So...last nite I spent a ton of time google Merrick and I do not like what I found.

I found that Garret Merrick owns a huge rendering plant. It's located in Hereford, TX.

Merrick Pet Care's pet processing plant is located in Hereford, TX.

This morning I called Merrick to try to get some honest answers from them. I spoke with Ruby and expresses all of my concerns to her. I asked her many questions.

Some may say...why. I will tell you why.

I want to find a dog food that I can trust! I want to find a pet food company that has good ethics when it comes to animal testing.

Ruby took all my questions and contact info. She told me that she needed to talk to her boss about my call. She also mentioned that she had gotten a few other calls and emails from others in regard to the info that is going around about Garret Merrick.

She promised me that she would call me back TODAY....3/31/2007.

♥- Sasha Baby- ♥

Barked: Fri Mar 30, '07 8:24pm PST 
I know Merricks makes a sub par brand of dog food. I'm not sure of the name. I Have been contacting Merricks about their ingredients since this Whole Menu Food disaster. This is the e-mail I got form them

"I apologize for the delayed response, as you can imagine, due to the Menu Food recall, we have been extremely busy. By the way, none of our products are affected by this recall.
We do not use Wheat Gluten in any of our products and we purchase all of our ingredients from USDA sourced plants that are approved for human consumption.
We have an onsite lab that conducts various testing protocols for all of our products to help ensure product performance and safety.
Best regards,
Merrick Pet Care"
I know some people don't like them for their Political view
the Marriage now posting

I never had any problem with them although it took over a week to get my e-mail back...
Molly- Macaroni

Born to SNIFF~!!
Barked: Fri Mar 30, '07 8:42pm PST 
So...this afternoon while driving to Chuck & Don's to try to figure out what dog food to buy my girls. I decided to try to call Ruby to see what info she had for me.

I did not have Merrick Pet Care phone number. So, I called 411 and asked for Merrick Pet Care in Hereford, TX.

I got a number...called it and it was answered "Blue Sky Pet Dry Plant".
I asked if this was Merrick Pet Care and she stated "Yes". I asked to speak with Ruby and was transfered to her voice mail. I left a message.

BTW....Ruby still has not called me back.

So..tonite I again googled. This time Blue Sky Pet Food. Turns out ...it's owned by Merricks and they make a product called "Beef & More" a premiere dog food.

The ingredients are very similar to Merrick's Cowboy Cookout.

So...then I did a search for more info on the Merrick Family business.

Turns out that Garret Merrick (CEO of Merrick Pet Care) owns a HUGE rendering plant, which is located in Hereford, TX.

I did a map search for more info. Turns out that that the Hereford Rendering Plant is located at the SAME LOCATION as Merrick Pet Care Plant!!! It's one and the same!

So..does Merrick use rendering by products in their pet foods?

I don't know as Ruby never bothered to call me back.

What really bothers me is the fact that I feel like Merrick as been very dishonest with me. I have asked them point blank last Monday and Friday, is they used rendered products. I asked them ...if they made any other pet products.

I asked Ruby again today. As well if Garret Merrick rendering plant was involved with Merrick and she acted like she had never heard of Garret Merrick.

So.........what the heck is going on?

Link for Blue Sky Beef & More http://www.beefnmore.com/can.htm

Link for Merrick's Cowboy Cookout http://www.merrickpetcare.com/store/detail.php?c=15&s=20311

Check out the ingredients between the two "premiere" dog foods. They are basically the same, with the exception of hand full of items.

I no longer know which pet food maker to trust!


love sponge- -6/21/2007
Barked: Fri Mar 30, '07 9:12pm PST 
Merrick makes more than food, they have a huge line of treats, they produce pizzles, bullies, snouts, all the nasty stuff that we will not eat and that dogs LOVE.
Seriously would you rather that all these "extra pieces" be tossed in a landfill, or would you prefer for a dog to get a treat? I do not work for them, so I don't know why Ruby did not get back to you, but as a retailer, in these times you can't always get back to people right away with the information that they requested. So, imo, give her some time, or maybe she is just a temp and has no idea where she is or whats going around her?

I love water!!
Barked: Fri Mar 30, '07 9:43pm PST 
Personally if your dog is thriving on a food why stop feeding it. Just because you feel better about not feeding your dog a certain food doesn't make it any better for your dog. Delta is on Nature's Variety Raw Instinct and I can't compromise her health by switching to other brands right now. She has a shiny coat, good teeth, lots of energy and nice weight, this speaks more to me than anything. If you want to switch to find a better brand and your dog does just as good that's great but a lot of dogs don't thrive on other pet foods and it's makes switching hard. I was going to switch to Merrick just because I like the way the food looks but that won't be for a while.True many if not almost all companies have cruel or disgusting practices in some way or another, i'm not saying it's right but what I'm saying is that you can't fully put your trust in anything what so ever.

Veni vidi vici!
Barked: Sat Mar 31, '07 10:19pm PST 
Hi Molly,

I totally agree with you about pet foods that test on animals. Beagles are used in testing primarily because they have such affable temperaments. I refuse to purchase any dog food that is tested on dogs, much less other living beings!

Canidae does not test on animals. I had to email them directly, but I received an email from them personally.

There are other brands that do not test on animals not produced by Menu Foods--- Newman's Organics (all proceeds go to charities, by the way) is another one...
Eva the Diva- (2006-2014)- RIP

lost battle w/- SARDS 9/17/2014
Barked: Sat Mar 31, '07 10:34pm PST 
While we knew vaguely what "rendering" meant, we found this explanation on a Google search....it may be helpful for Dogsters reading this post (I certainly hope there is no rendered product in the Merrick Canned food!!!) Keep us posted if you hear back from Merrick...

R endering, which dates to the early Egyptians, operates in the shadows of polite society, persisting because it provides an essential service: disposing of millions of pounds of dead animals every day.

"If you burned all the carcasses, you'd get a terrible air pollution problem," said Dr. William Heuston, associate dean of the Virginia-Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine at College Park, Md. "If you put it all into landfills, you'd have a colossal public health problem, not to mention stench. Dead animals are an ideal medium for bacterial growth."

Renderers in the United States pick up 100 million pounds of waste material every day -- a witch's brew of feet, heads, stomachs, intestines, hooves, spinal cords, tails, grease, feathers and bones. Half of every butchered cow and a third of every pig is not consumed by humans. An estimated six million to seven million dogs and cats are killed in animal shelters each year, said Jeff Frace, a spokesman for the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in New York City.

For example, the city of Los Angeles sends 200 tons of euthanized cats and dogs to West Coast Rendering, in Los Angeles, every month, according to Chuck Ellis, a spokesman for the city's Sanitation Department. Pet food companies try not to buy meat and bone meal from renderers who grind up cats and dogs, said Doug Anderson, president of Darling International Inc., a large rendering company in Dallas. "We do not accept companion animals," he said. "But there are still a number of small plants that will render anything."

At least 250 rendering plants operate in the United States, said Bruce Blanton, executive director of the 130-member National Renderers Association in Alexandria, Va. While there are still a few small operations on the outskirts of some cities, he said, modern rendering plants are large and centralized, and the industry's revenues amount to $2.4 billion a year.

After trucks deliver the wastes to the plants, the material is minced and fed into a vessel where it is steam-cooked to 250 degrees or more, and then the stew is cooked for 20 to 90 minutes, Blanton said. In the resulting mash, heavier material drops to the bottom and the lighter stuff floats to the top. Fat is siphoned off the top, filtered and sent through centrifuges to further refine it, Blanton said. Chemical manufacturers turn much of it into fatty acids for lubricants, lipstick, cement, polish, inks and waxes. Other fractions, including gelatinous layers, tallow and grease, go into thousands of products, including soaps, candles, pharmaceuticals, homeopathic medicines and gummy candies.

The heavier protein material on the bottom goes through a separate process, Blanton said. It is dried, squeezed to remove more fat and dried again. The resulting powder is the major ingredient in pet and animal feed. It is a cannibalistic practice that has proved highly profitable.

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Circus dog in- training!
Barked: Sat Mar 31, '07 10:34pm PST 
oh great! I JUST bought a bag of Merricks food. UGH this always happens to me.

He (and the finicky cat for some odd reason) both really like Dick Van Patten's Natural Balance Sweet and Potato and Fish kibble. I only got a sample and went to buy a bag and they were out. So I got Merricks.

Oh well, next time I am getting Natural Balanc for sure. I also heard its a single source protein as Merricks is not.
Carmen Von- Woofer

Grab life by the- bones...
Barked: Sun Apr 1, '07 4:50am PST 
Pedro, "Why does this always happen to me!!!" BOL BOL!!!! Don't so many of us know that feeling!!! laugh out loud

I sometimes mix Merrick canned food in with Carmen's home cooked meals. My cats LOVE their canned food for cats. And Carmen LOVES their canned foods. There are a lot of pet foods that I feel "iffy" about but have never once had that feeling with Merrick.

Although I still don't have the need to purchase pet food, I RESPECT the companies that come forward with the TRUTH about where their foods are produced. I LOVED LOVED LOVED Timberwolves but refuse to use their products now since they are making their "producer" top secret. I have NEVER heard of a pet company not being about to disclose this information so that, to me, reeks of something fishy.

love sponge- -6/21/2007
Barked: Sun Apr 1, '07 10:51am PST 
Merrick does NOT use rendered cats & dogs. By LAW they would have to list it in the ingredient list BY LAW it would state "ANIMAL" or "MEAT". I realize that the world of pet food is scary but this is a reputable company, they don't advertise to the public like the companies that do use "animal" or "meat" sources. they also use no chemicals. unless you are going to grow your own food on a plot of land at an elevation above all others (so as not to be effected by runoff) feeding your animals feeds produced EXCLUSIVELY by you, at some point you are going to have to trust somebody. I would trust Merrick over science diet or iams or a supermarket brand any day .
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