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I'll Do Anything- For Food!!
Barked: Tue Feb 13, '07 10:21am PST 
What is the difference between Nutro Max, Ultra and the one that just says natural choice? And which would help me lose some weight?cheer

Barked: Tue Feb 13, '07 10:41am PST 
I'm not clear on the Natural Choice stuff ... But I have fed my dogs (present and previous) Max and Ultra. Gio is currently on Ultra and we really like it. (Considering a switch next bag though, not for any particular reason, just to change things up.) Ultra is the newest formula that Nutro is offering. It has better quality ingredients and more "extras" (cranberries, more fish, better quality fillers, more natural forms of supplements). Those are the only differences I can notice, but I haven't checked out a bag of Max lately to compare. I initially made the switch from Max to Ultra because Gio had some stanky gas issues and someone suggested that lower sulphate levels would help. I checked out all the different brands at the local pet store and Ultra had the lowest levels of sulfates. The gas did stop ... yay! Whether it was really from the sulfates or not, no idea ... all I know is he is less stinky big grin

Nutro isn't for everyone. From what I have heard, pups either do fantastically on it, or not good at all. Gio and my previous Sheltie were doing great on Nutro, but for dogs with finicky stomachs or allergy issues, there are better choices out there.

I think each line of Nutro has weight management formulas. I would suggest Ultra out of the different Nutro lines, just because it is their best option.
Abbie Lou

I licks faster- than Mom- blinks!!!!
Barked: Tue Feb 13, '07 2:57pm PST 
Nutro Max is their lowest quality offering, Nutro Natural Choice is slightly above it, and the Ultra is slightly above that.

I was very happy with how my cats did on Nutro for the year or so they were on it. However, I learned that they had been bought out by a capital management group just after I started feeding it.

My Abbie Lou has food issues, including a suspected allergy or intolerance to rice, so Nutro hasn't been an option for her (she actually was fed Nutro for the first three weeks she was mine...until the vomiting started). Since I now have to drive 45 minutes out of my way to get a food Abbie will tolerate, the kitties now get true super-premium foods that I wasn't willing to drive to get while they were doing well on something more locally accessible.

Little Moe,- Always- 2002-2008

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Barked: Tue Feb 13, '07 3:02pm PST 
I have been eating the natural choice senior food for the past couple of weeks and we haven't had any problems. I switched over to a senior food to change the percentages of protein/carbs, etc. Mom went through a lot of the easily accessible canned foods (easier to take my pills) and we ended up with this one.

My belly tolerates it the best. The Ultra was pretty good, but with this food I get chunks of meat with veggies too! And she also serves up the dry food that "matches". But you have to go with what your belly tells you! Most of the dog foods out there are obviously not as good as human grade, but I like Nutro - and then dad supplements my diet with beef, chicken, green beans, and other stuff.

Lots of luck & licks,
Moe snoopy

Barked: Tue Feb 13, '07 7:18pm PST 
Max is a great choice if you're currently feeding a "grocery" brand; many of the products contain wheat flour, whereas the Natural Choice products do not (large breed Nat. Choice products do sometimes contain wheat gluten, which is different). Ultra is the holistic line. For losing weight, I'd recommend the Natural Choice "lite" formula...feeding guidelines are on the side of the bag. Hope this helps--

Bullies Are- The Best!
Barked: Tue Feb 13, '07 7:50pm PST 
Here are the Senior formulas:

http://www.petfooddirect.com/store/product1.asp?pf_id=2 0124109&affiliateCode=PF012803&cm_ven=Performics&cm_cat=I-search%20( Froogle)&cm_ite=DDI%20Link

http://www.shop.com/op/~Nutro_Natural_ Choice_Senior_Dog_Food-prod-28993142-37986943?sourceid=3

And here's the light seniors formula:


The ingredients aren't BAD. There is rice, but no corn! Definately not a food for allergic dogs! laugh out loud

High Maitenance- Bitch
Barked: Wed Feb 14, '07 11:13am PST 
Max is wheat based: entry level Nutro
Natural Choice is supposed to be single source protien, single source grain (ie: lamb & rice: chicken & rice)
Ultra is Nutros response to consumers desire for "holistic" foods.
Noodle - McDoglet-Sti- nkopotamus

Roll with the- WIENER HERD
Barked: Wed Feb 14, '07 12:47pm PST 
The Max line of foods is the original formula that started the company. The main difference between that and the Natural Choice line is that the NC has more supplementation added like Glucosamine/Chondroitin (which in the Max is only in the Weight Control (purple bag) and the large breed (puppy I think?) Also the max line is the only Nutro that has beef & rice, but most of the max foods are chicken & lamb / rice. The Max line is very basic and is still a good option if someone is feeding a grocery brand because it doesn't contain any artificial coloring, chem preservatives or by-product meal. If you are on a really tight budget Max is a better choice by far than something like beneful or kibbles n bits which is loaded with corn and sugar. Obviously some of the formulas have some wheat flour and are not near the 42% protein of something like Innova Evo, but not every dog does well on a super-high protein diet either. Esp. animals like our cocker Punky, who had pancreatitis and therefore a serious problem metabolizing meat protein and fat.

Besides the fact that they have glucosamine and chondroitin for joint support (in rather large amounts) DHA and L-carnitine are in most of the NC foods as well.

The Ultra Holistic food takes the nutro base food one step further by adding a chicken lamb and salmon blend for a more comprehensive protein profile and what they refer to as 'direct-fed microbials' (it's probiotics, I don't know why they refer to them that way, I am quoting directly from the bag.) Also more antioxidants with tomato pomace, sun-cured alfalfa meal, cranberries, and (please note those of you who are sensitive) **garlic**.

Also something important to note when you are reading the bag, I noticed that the glucosamine and chondroitin aren't listed. But I called Nutro and they said it IS in there : certain States that Nutro distributes Ultra to do not recognize glucosamine and chondroitin as a supplement, therefore it is not listed in the guaranteed analysis on the bags of Ultra - but it's in there, you just have to call their customer support # to get the exact mg per kg amounts.

I started Noodle on Max puppy. He loved it and we never had a problem. Shiny soft coat, good energy, no doggie odor (which also is something that has to do with his breed) small firm stools, and definitely less shedding than the alpo crud he was on when I rescued him at 7 months old. When he became an adult I put him on the Natural Choice Lamb & Rice small bites. Again, he loved it and had no problems. Last year I switched him to the Nutro Ultra adult. He liked the lamb & rice fine, but you should have seen him inhale all the ultra first while we were transitioning over! I found that the regular adult ultra has too much fat for him and higher protein, so we switched to the Ultra weight maintenance, but he didn't like that one as well and his coat seemed a little duller (the weight maintenance formulas for all lines of nutro only have 2.5% linoleic acid (omega 6) because of the lower fat content, all of the other nutro products have 3.5% minimum and the regular ultra adult and puppy and large breed puppy have 4%. So our happy medium ended up being the senior ultra formula. Now that he's on fish oil or virgin coconut oil every day as well, we could probably go back to the weight management ultra with no problem since he is getting efa's from other sources (essential fatty acids.)

I get that Nutro isn't right for everyone. Use what works for you. But I can definitely say that we have had good success with it and I heartily recommend it to family and friends. Plus the company has excellent customer service in my opinion and stands completely behind the safety and nutrition of their products.

Ideally I would like to feed whole food to my dogs, but as a base kibble, we could do a lot worse than Nutro.

ps - the ultra kibble made whole dog journals list for top foods of 2007.

Noodle, aka
my mom researched a lot before she put me on this food.
Jennifer- (1990 - 2007)

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Barked: Wed Feb 14, '07 5:19pm PST 
I eat Nutro Natural Choice Senior and have been for a few years. I am over 16 years old and doing well. The food works for me. way to go
Dauphin- Poucet de- Seraphim

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Barked: Wed Feb 14, '07 10:09pm PST 
Props for Nutro! I have been eating Nutro since I was a tiny puppy. The Vet I went to in Pittsburgh (also the AKC regional vet) recommended the Lamb and Rice Natural Choice Puppy formula mixed with Nutro Max Kitten. I was losing weight as a 5-month old puppy on Bil-jac. The Nutro formula gave me what I needed to get back on track in growth. My vet said that often papillons will have a shortened digestive tract, and they may need a more digestible formula to get the nutrients they need. Well, it worked because everyone remarked about how nice my coat was at the Pittsburgh dog show (I took Breed Reserve Champ)
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