Can dogs eat chicken bones?

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Barked: Fri Feb 2, '07 5:55pm PST 
I've read in many boooks that chicken bones are bad for dogs and then my friend tells me their good for them. Can you tell me wich one is true? frown

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Barked: Mon Feb 5, '07 8:04pm PST 
FALSE : Dogs cannot eat bones. YES.. they can. But you have to know which kind and HOW they can eat them.

TRUE : Dogs CAN eat chicken bones. BUT.... they MUST be RAW. They can eat wings, backs and necks . The bones are soft and cartilege -like, they are very easy to grind up by chewing and to digest. Feeding these are what raw feeders call RMBs.. or raw meaty bones and are an excellent source of phosphoruous and calcium in addition to the meat protein. This is also an excellent way to keep your dog's teeth clean by having to rip the meat from the bones.

TRUE: Dogs CANNOT eat COOKED bones... chicken or otherwise. COOKED BONES SPLINTER and can purforate the esophagus, stomach or intestines. Also cooking KILLS any beneficial enzymes found in LIVE uncooked bones.

The BEST chew toy you can give your dog is a RAW marrow or knuckle bone to keep their teeth clean and exercise their jaws. ALWAYS supervise your dog when it has a bone and never give a dog a hard bone that is small enough for him to unintentionally swallow. Also watch aggressive chewers because it is easy for them to fracture a tooth on hard recreational bones.

Our favorite bones are raw turkey necks mom buys from the local butcher. We also get raw lamb ribs because those bones are very soft too and we can crush them easily by chewing them. A 2 inch piece of raw turkey neck keeps me busy for about 20 minutes !! My big brothers eat WHOLE turkey necks almost a foot long !

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Woof! My Maw agrees with the above poster! I LOOOOVVVVEEEE RAW chicken and chicken bones...and turkey, beef, or MMMM venison (moose is good too!). Yup, Raw meat and bones are a TASTY treat indeed!dancing


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Chicken bones break easily which is why it's not good for the dogs!
Beef bones I would prefere. but for now I would really prefere him not to eat human food at this age or else he'll start to beg for the food.

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But don't forget with any bone, raw or cooked there is always a risk of a dog choking if it swallows a large piece or splitting off a piece of the bone that can perforate it internally. It is not 100% risk free. As stated above only give bones under supervision. If you feed your dog a bone then notice that it seems distressed later or is not having normal bowel movements and is not acting as it normally would I would suspect a chunk may have been swallowed and is causing an obstruction or perforation. Get to a vet asap for an x-ray. Better to be safe then sorry.
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Sabrina eats raw chicken bones very often-- she eats the raw food diet!

I agree that raw chicken bones are good as long as they're inthe form of raw meaty bones. This means that it's meat and bone, not just the bone! If there's meat and bone together (like in a chicken quarter) then the dog will appropriately chew the meat and bones up. If you feed just the bone, they're pretty small and your dog might try to gulp it down without chewing which might lead to some problems. Raw bones are actually pretty spongey and soft!

Cooked bones of any kind can splinter and should not be fed to dogs, though!
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I'd back Sabrina on this. Dogs can choke on bones, but dogs can also choke on kibble or aspirate their kibble. All bones should be fed in a raw state and with the meat on the bone, the more meat the better. I've actually spoken with some people at Cornell veterinary school, and most of them will tell you if a dog chokes on a bone, it's going to be a cooked bone (same goes for gastrointestinal problems resulting from cooked bone consumption).

Dogs can also choke on socks, rawhides, treats of any sort, tennis balls, ice cubes, kitty poop (ok, I am guessing on this one) you name it. Hey guys, come on...if our president can choke on a pretzel and has difficulty chewing and swallowing his food, it should be obvious we need to monitor our dogs, whatever they're eating. If only we expected as much from world leaders as we do from our dogs....


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