What is a bully stick?

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Barked: Fri Dec 8, '06 7:53pm PST 
I think I'm getting my first bully stick tomorrow!! And yes, they are penises... I looked 'em up on some webpages just to be sure ;p because Grandmaw didn't believe it at first... now she's saying I can't have one because of what they are.

But Mommy's getting me one tomorrow because she doesn't care. She thinks it's funny what they are, of course, but it doesn't bother her as long as she doesn't have to be the one eating them!! Plus they are healthy, and they help clean pups' teethies!

Barked: Fri Dec 8, '06 8:08pm PST 
Oh Duchess! Tomorrow is sure to be a glorious day for you!! I'm so glad your mom decided to get you a bully stick regardless of what your grandmaw says!

Considering that us dogs will eat our own poo, other dogs poo, cat poo, horse poo, dead rodents, dead frogs, stuff we find on the street that we don't know the identity of just to find out what it is, dirt, grass, etc etc ... a cleaned, dried, stretched bully stick doesn't sound that bad! And understanding that the majority of those bully sticks actually come from steers anyways, means that they were never used as a copulatory organ ... so I don't get what the big deal is big grin

Enjoy! I can't wait to hear what you thought of them! And remember, if you don't like it I will be glad to take it off your paws for ya BOL!

Barked: Fri Dec 8, '06 9:42pm PST 
yay, another bully stick post! anyhow, dont know if anyone else posted about this, but i have been buying mine recently from trader joes! they are braided, fat, and about 12". and only 3.99! and all natural, nothing added (its trader joes, after all) however, i guess not all trader joes have them. the one i normally go to doesnt have them, but when i went to one near work it did!
anyway, wanted to share some info you all may not know!

Mika MADC,- MJDC,- AG.N.J.,- A.G.

My mom\\\'s- heart dog
Barked: Sat Dec 9, '06 3:46am PST 
I have bully sticks all the time. When I'm bored, I'll go over to my bully stick and chew on it. My mom gets them from the pet specialty store where she also gets my kibble, raw meaty bones, and everything else.
Dallas- Mueller

Barked: Sat Dec 9, '06 11:47am PST 
Well I finally broke down today and bought two expensive bully sticks for my pups....and altho they appeared to LOVE them....Dallas loved them a little TOO much. He literally had a 6 inch one halfway gone in 4 minutes. I had to take it away from him b/c he was going to swallow that last half in one gulp! Lilly lasted only slightly longer with her bully stick. I guess they just aren't meant for my big chewers.

Instead I'll stick with my stuffed marrow bones and kongs....but thanks everyone for giving me so many good tips! I wish my dogs ate them properly but they are just vaccuumes!!


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Barked: Sat Dec 9, '06 12:56pm PST 
Mom's home!! Mom's home!! Woof!! She brought me a Bully Stick!! It's a HUGE 30 inch bully stick!! I am SO excited!! I smelled it and I LOVE IT! I want it now!! She said she might cut it in half because of how long it is... I think she's gonna open it now!! I hope so!! I really, really, really hope so!! Woof!! This is the best day ever!!

I am still chewing on my bully stick!! Mommy is so thrilled that I am taking my time with it. I've been chewing on it at least half an hour and have made only a little progress on it. She has been taking lots of pictures of me and she even took a video of me chewing! Yay! This is one of the bestest days of my life!

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Andrea- "Andy"

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Barked: Sat Dec 9, '06 11:53pm PST 
Hmmmmm....Rhys, Tess, and I have never had one of these "bully sticks". Mommy says "ewwww" but you pups seem to love them!

Maybe we can bat our eyes and get her to buy us some.

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Barked: Sun Dec 10, '06 11:39am PST 
I chewed on my bully stick for around 3 hours yesterday. Because it was so long, Mom decided to saw it in half. So we made two 15 inch bully sticks from a 30 inch! Yay! Twice as many bully sticks for me smile

Even though I chewed for 3 hours, I only ate about 3-4 inches of the bully stick. So I still have about a foot left of the first one! So... yummy. I think Mom's going to add some of my bully stick pictures to my page now smile

I Use To Be- Rowdy When I Was- a Pup :P
Barked: Sat Dec 27, '08 11:07pm PST 
Bully sticks are what dogs love.. smile

Bite, bite,- chew, chew!
Barked: Sun Dec 28, '08 3:58am PST 
We're new to bullysticks, too - just got our first one for Piper last week. She LOVES the darn things. They have helped with her "inappropriate chewing" and REALLY helped her teeth look cleaner already.

She never finishes one in on chew session (it would take her 48 hours of straight chewing with that little mouth). Should we be refrigerating them after she's started knawing on them?
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