My dog ate a dried up dead bird, is he ok?

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The Divine Devil- Dog
Barked: Mon May 8, '06 7:38am PST 
My dog's a beagle mix, he loves to eat. I was walking him today and he ate a dried up dead bird. I tried to prow it outta his mouth but he won't budge. I scraped all my fingers trying to get it but couldn't. Is he going to be ok? He's got his rabies and distemper but it probably has nothing to do with it.
Mingus, CGC,- R3GL

Barked: Mon May 8, '06 8:37am PST 
I ate a dead mouse in the yard when I was about 3 1/2 months old, the first day my dog walker came to take care of me! Mom freaked out! The vet said that the danger, if any, would be if the animal was long dead and maybe infested with bacteria. She told my mom to watch me for 24-48 hours for vomiting, diarrhea, or other strange behavior, 'cause that's about how long it would take for me to start showing signs of bacterial infection. I turned out to be fine -- didn't even throw up! (It was quite tasty.) Just be sure your human watches you for a few days, and if you start to get sick, then you should probably go to the vet.

Smarter than- your honor- student ;)
Barked: Mon May 8, '06 4:47pm PST 
Heyy Dont worry! Toby ate a dead rat or bird before too! A baby one too that had no fur yet, it was just lying there dead and flies all over it, and he picked it up and I was screaming and trying to get it outta his mouth and it was 2 late...for DAYS I couldn't stop worrying and thinking about it, especially because he was 6-7 months old. But dont worry as long as your dog has his/her puppy shots, rabies shot and is covered with all that, he should be fine, just closely watch him and see what happens. Good Luck!

Charlie (AKA- Sexy Beast)

Such a Sexy- Beast, I am!
Barked: Mon May 8, '06 5:19pm PST 
I have chewed through wood and pencil's before--not birds-- not yet, hehe. I advise you to see you vet ASAP. I doubt anything bad will happen, but to stay on the safe side...

Paws 'n Licks - Charlie

'It's all about- Me!'
Barked: Mon May 8, '06 5:44pm PST 
Keep an eye out for worms, a lot of critters out there will give your dog tapeworms. Mom usually ends up having to treat us if a bird flies too low over the kennel or a squirrel is too slow......

"Rusty the- Terrible"

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Barked: Mon May 8, '06 10:26pm PST 
Building up the Immune System can be pretty gross.... Buy extra rolls of paper towels...