soft dog kibble?

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Barked: Sun Apr 16, '06 1:08pm PST 
my mommy is at her wits end, i have tried many dog foods(more than 13) and i loved a couple of them for like one day then i just sniff my food and completely ignore it. At first I thought it was just the flavor then i realized it was also the hardness of the kibble. The reason why im sticking with dry is because i do not like canned food or soggy kibble. so can anyone recommend a good dry dog food brand? thanks
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Barked: Sun Apr 16, '06 1:16pm PST 
Have you tried semi-moist food? I've seen the purina brand (Moist and Meaty) advertised a lot. I'm not saying this is a good food.... I haven't even looked at the ingredients, but Purina doesn't have a very good reputation. Maybe a more respected brand has a semi-moist food though. Just a thought. As far as hard kibble, Stella just started eating Nutro Natural Choice lamb and rice and she loves it! and I feel good about that brand.
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Barked: Sun Apr 16, '06 2:01pm PST 
I don't know of any seni-moist dog food that is healthy... The Moist n Meaty stuff is mostly sugar and corn syrup!


Barked: Sun Apr 16, '06 4:28pm PST 
Yes, definatley stay away from that Moist N Meaty stuff....I believe that is meant for supplemental feeding only. Have you ever tried just dribbling some chicken broth over the kibble so it softens it up just a little? My pup seems to like that alot (he eats less if he has to chew harder, lol).

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Barked: Sun Apr 16, '06 5:58pm PST 
You can just pour some water over the food and let it sit for a few minutes to soften it up. Broth can also work.

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Barked: Sun Apr 16, '06 7:14pm PST 
Natural balance makes a dog food roll that is compressed wet food and then they remove most of the water. So the food is kind of like summer sausage in texture. Its a healthy food, all the nutrients they need and doesn't have any by products or corn in it. Also you can get them at Petco or smaller pet stores that carry Natural Balance.

My guys like all the flavors, but they really like the chicken one. They also make great training treats, because you can cut it into whatever size shape you want, also grate it to make as a semi moist food.

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Barked: Tue Apr 18, '06 9:05am PST 
Bella--Sara Here:

As Bessie said, putting some water over the dog food will soften it.

You can check the kibble and give it when you think it is soft enough.

This way you can use any brand/formula you want to.
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Barked: Tue Apr 18, '06 11:11am PST 
Actually Bella has said she doesn't like soggy kibble so trying to soften it with broth is pointless. I am one of those that doesn't like hard kibble either (unless it's the car food)! I like the Bits in Kibbles 'N' Bits though. Mummy picks out the soft stuff - I won't eat it otherwise. All I can say is that if your dog likes it then that is better than the dog starving and better than feeding human food. It's taken me so long to actually find some dog food that Rosie will eat and I'm not complaining about that.

Barked: Tue Apr 18, '06 4:31pm PST 
Why not just feed a kibble, add warmish water to it and about a tablespoon full of a good premium canned dog food. The semi moist foods (as already mentioned) I would stay away from. The natural balance I have had no experience with, but, I have heard that it's a good food.

I have never fed just a plan dry kibble, my dogs would stick their noses up as well. LOL I give my dogs a variety, variety is the spice of life. My dogs get a rotation of Canidae, Natura (California Naturals & Innova), Natures Variety from their kibble, canned, freeze dried, raw, Holistic Blend, Go Natural, home prepared meals as well.

I always add canned dog food of the above companies or sardines, canned salmon (wild or sockeye). I also add other items to my dogs food such as ground organic flax seed, organic live bio yogurt and other varieties of food items. They also get raw meals to balance out. My dogs have never become fussy, they look forward to all their meals etc.

It's also a myth that canned food may cause dental problems. I have a Newf going on 11 and she has beautiful teeth. We have always added canned food. The dental problems are caused from poor quality foods which contain sugars (and hidden sugars) and poor quality ingredients.

Barked: Tue Apr 18, '06 4:33pm PST 
Also, feeding a home prepared human grade diet is a great idea. Do some research on feeding home prepared. Human food (balanced) is great for our companions. That is all dogs survived on before kibble (and kibble has not been around that long).

If your interested I'm sure myself and others would be happy to give you some recipes and feeding guide lines.

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