Looking for a Flat Coated Retriever

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Barked: Mon Oct 18, '10 1:14pm PST 
My name is Tara and my father-in-law lost his best friend, Vickey the Golden, last Thursday.
We had adopted her for him from Secaucus NJ in 1998.
We are looking for an adult female Golden or Flat Coated Retriever for him.

They live in in Isle La Motte VT on a 40 acres on Lake Champlain lake front- so we would like a dog who enjoys swimming and boating and especially riding in cars.
My in-laws have a Sheltie who is my mother in law's shadow.
My family has a German Shepherd and a bull mastiff, and my brother in-law has a golden as well so we need her to get along with other dogs.
Vickey went EVERYWHERE with my father in-law, so we would like a dog who is good with people.
Please let me know if you know of any dogs.

I have taken classes at St Huberts in Madison, NJ and had Vinnie their dog trainer as my own trainer here at my house so they can be references for us.
We never buy dogs, we only rescue them so if it takes a little while that is fine.

Thank you so much!!
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Barked: Mon Oct 18, '10 2:44pm PST 
Hi Mocha

Flat Coated Retriever's love swimming and water! They would be a very nice choice! I live in Wisconsin so I don't know anyone directly but the FCRSA (Flat Coated Retriever Society of America) has a contact in NH that can probably get you in touch with the nearest rescue in your area.

Check out the website:


Good luck!! happy dance