I have learned much

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Barked: Tue May 4, '10 10:17pm PST 
I have learned a lot about dogs and feists having my dog. I never really had a personal dog before Peppy. He has been a real delight he is loving, protective, obedient, intelligent, friendly probably to friendly, I worry about him taking up with someone who wants him. He loves kids especially really small ones and will let them do anything to him somewhat bad. He has been hung, locked into a playhouse, carried by the ears etc. that has been stopped by the way. He will pick out little kids in spite of that, I can't understand it but in general I think that is a good trait. He will not let anyone get violent with another person. Yet he will protect family with vengeance.

He once threatened a cop who stuck his hand into the car to get my license. I told him the man was OK and he lay down. The cop came back to the car and said, "is you dog going to get me ", I said, "No, I told him you were OK". The cop shook his head and smiled. Peppy learned that including, "OK" on his own. I don't understand that one. He learned shake in one session and continues to learn. "Ride" he knows means the car he goes to the door and sits to wait. Those are just two of the things he has figured out of his own. I continue to be amazed.

He is a Feist by accident. I know he is half Jack Russel. I have no idea of the other half. Can anyone give me a guess from his picture?