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Barked: Wed Nov 14, '12 6:49am PST 
Hi all! Wanted to take a minute to introduce myself. My name is Spencer, I am a full breed English Springer Spaniel. I was saved by my human from being put to sleep by the breeder because my markings weren't "desirable" as the rest of my brothers and sisters went to show homes. I LOVE water and being outside. My mom says she really enjoys reading some of these topics and that we already have new fun stuff to try. So thanks everyone I look forward to continuing to learning more and sharing some of our experiences!

Barked: Thu Nov 15, '12 9:44am PST 
Hi Spencer! This board doesn't see much action, but I stop in once inawhile to see if anything's going on!

This is our soon to be new puppy! I am going to pick him up Sunday from his breeder, we still haven't decided on a name, but our list is pretty long.

I also have an ESS, Gypsy who is 10 months. She's the sweetest thing, and an absolute camera hog!