our wheel/jogger chasing is driving our humans barking mad!!

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Barked: Fri Feb 19, '10 1:50am PST 
I am an 8 month old springer spaniel and my brother, Buster and I are driving our humans barking mad!!
We can't help it but we bark at and chase bikes, we really don't mean any harm to the humans but we are puzzled by wheels (what I haven't told you yet is that we are the same with buggies, scooters and cars, although we go walkies in pedestrian/cyclist areas only and are always on leads where there are roads or cars and we don't bark then!!).
They have taken us for walks and their daughter has gone on her bike, at first we barked and chased her but soon got used to it and stopped but later on in the walk we went and barked at another cyclist, meaning we had to be put back on our leads!!
We are going to obedience classes and are improving somewhat but our humans want us to be able to be off our leads to play and run around but want us and cyclists (or joggers for that matter!!) to remain safe. We return 99% of the time when called but just don't hear them shouting when bikes (or joggers) are involved!!
Can anyone offer them any advice?

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