Love to pull on the leash!

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Hyper - runrunrunrun- play with me!- run..
Barked: Fri Mar 13, '09 7:32am PST 
My mom doesnt like me doing it, but i do it anyway! Especially if i see a bird, i just run! my mom couldnt hold me once, so I ran and caught the bird. She didnt like it, and wasnt best pleased when i bought it back to her, she wouldnt play with it with me! anyway any tips to help her convince me to stop pulling on that leash?

Have energy,- will run
Barked: Fri Mar 20, '09 12:46pm PST 
My mommy's trainer said we have to practice, practice. She said to start by doing it indoors where I have less tempations, then move to the front lawn and then the back and then walks in the neighborhood and finally the woods. I am a pretty good walker, but I almost ripped mommy's arms off trying to catch a bird. I am really focuing on learning the command "leave it". That's what mommy says when I see a bird. I try to listen.blue dog