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The "Heidi"- Memorial Dog- Page

The Heidi- Memorial Dog- Page.
Barked: Thu Apr 26, '07 10:40pm PST 
Heidi used to always "set up" at the same spot in our front yard whenever she went out. So I'm not sure if she was pointing at birds, smells, or just because she knew she looked good doing it (personally I think it was the last one as she was just that type of dog). She never retrieved birds though.

We have another english setter named penny. She's not very well bred. At first when she was a puppy she pointed whenever she heard a sound in the woods or saw a bird she was interested in. But now that she's 2 she doesn't really point at anything anymore.

Oh Heidi used to point turtles too. She had a thing with turtles.puppy

Barked: Tue May 1, '07 6:17am PST 
My two setters love to point Birds. Mostly upland game but a few robins won't hurt. I do a lot of training with them for hunting. Love to work the woods or fields for birds. It is a lot of fun to watch them work the birds then go on point. Setters are a great breed. Great in the field and even better at home.

I'm a love-bug!
Barked: Thu Jul 5, '07 7:55am PST 
Dite gets into the point position the second she steps outside. Then if she doesn't see anything she runs around like crazy for awhile. smile But when she's for real pointing she points at any and all birds, squirrels, and rabbits. My dad got her as a pet for me and not really a hunting dog, but now he thinks he might try to train her after he saw her catch a squirrel! I said no--she's my little goofball! snoopy


It Flies It Dies
Barked: Fri Jul 20, '07 11:09pm PST 
Hi! I am new here and a proud setter owner. I have a lovely field English Setter who is 1 year and 1 month old now. She points at pretty much anything that moves although she is field trained to scent and point birds.

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Charlotte (Charlie)

What mischief- can I get into- today?
Barked: Mon Jan 21, '08 2:14pm PST 
Charlie points at everything!!

She loves Bag Balm (a type of vasoline)

Grapes are poisinous to dogs.

agility- extroidinaire
Barked: Tue Jul 22, '08 8:03pm PST 
my setter points at everything.
RIP Willow- and Bear- bear

Ward's Willow
Barked: Thu May 28, '09 7:37pm PST 
My Dogs were great at pointing birds. But willow use to point airplans

Dusty Wusty
Barked: Thu Dec 17, '09 9:26pm PST 
Mine points at any kind of bird and is absolutely CRAZY about rabbits. He'll point at other game too. He finds deer interesting.
Julie- Sunshine- (1995 - 2010)

Barked: Tue May 18, '10 7:19pm PST 
RIP. Fieldgate Julie Sunshine, you lived to be the ripe age of 15 human years.
We will miss you dearly.
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