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Happy to be- alive
Barked: Tue Feb 10, '09 9:43pm PST 
Hi, I am new here but I wanted to get some feed back on my dog. We just got her and was told she is an English Coonhound, but all the pics I have seen of this breed they appear to have large red patches, which she does not. She has red ticking all over and even has a blue eye. Any feed back would be greatly appreciated.

Excuse me did- you just say- snack?
Barked: Wed Nov 18, '09 12:18pm PST 
Untill I got on here I always thought they were called redtic coonhounds only so english coonhound was new to me. Mabey yours has a blue eye because it's just extra special. This is by far the best dog I have ever had!