Help! Please Found Adolescent Coonhound!

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Barked: Sun Jul 20, '08 2:42pm PST 
Yeah Yeah we said we weren't gonna rescue anymore, but sometimes God has other ideas. We found a male coonhound that looks to be under a year. He is near starved to death and was badly dehydrated but we have gotten enough fluid into him that he is up and walking on his own. He is not neutered, and has a tattoo on the inside of his ear. We found him just outside Harrison Arkansas near crooked creek off of hwy 65.

He looks like he got into a tangle with another animal because he has a large infected gash in his side and he has many puncture wounds. He is infested with fleas and starved enough that he has likely been out on his own for a couple of weeks at least.

Any ideas on how to figure out who lost him? Will post pictures of him in a bit, but my thinking is he could have come from Southern MO or somewhere in Northern AR.