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Barked: Mon May 7, '07 7:38am PST 
What is the funniest thing your English Cocker Spaniel has done?

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Barked: Fri May 18, '07 7:33pm PST 
dog Runs around like crazy and screams in her cocker voice when i get home from work because she knows she's gonna get a snack after we go for a walk. I mean she really leaps and "talks" too. It is hilarious!!

Barked: Thu Jul 26, '07 11:28am PST 
Kacee will immediatly snap at my other dog Oliver [about to make his page] when my Dad comes home from work. She will see him im the garden and will start barking, then when my Dad opens the back door she will go to Oliver and bark and snap at him.

It happens around twice a day. Its not as much fun for Oliver but i always have a chuckle when it happens.



Sniffer Dog
Barked: Thu Nov 22, '07 4:25pm PST 
when dad comes home from work and starts chasing him round the chair to try and greet him.laugh out loud

Barked: Tue Aug 11, '09 9:58am PST 
Maverick loves photographs and he poses for them believe it or not! I took him to a dog show and I was holding him on his leash while talking to another dog owner and I felt him tug at the leash a bit and it was then I would realize that he was posing for photos lol cameras flashing and all.

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Barked: Mon Mar 15, '10 4:12pm PST 
Leticia was barking at another dog through the window, slipped off the window ledge, and broke her leg!

Barked: Sat Jul 10, '10 10:54pm PST 
Audrey (who has passed away) used to be very photogenic too. Just look at her profile.

Oliver is a very naughty dog and knows how to make people laugh.