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hi im getting a boy puppy dogue de bordeaux in 2 weeks : ) . i love dogs and have always wanted 1 my boyfreind mre thn me tho lol. im starting to get abit scared now lol but excited at the same time ..ive done as much research as i can on thm and im not worried about slobber ...or the shear size of thm ,cuz i like big dogs ..my only concern is i already have a girl boxer called emily who lvs to play she is very friendly with other dogs etc etc but was just wondering if u all think thy will get on bearing in mind wer getting the dog from a puppy so will it just follow wht she does lol .... i know tht ill have to give emily extra special attention cuz i dnt want her to feel left out cuz she does get abit jelous .. thks any tips/information off any1 would be great thinking

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