Hilarious sleeping dog runs into wall

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Barked: Mon May 18, '09 2:08pm PST 
Still don't believe me?


Sa me dog, different attack, different video. Clearly a seizure, a combination of grand mal and psychomotor/absence seizure, though also clearly pointing out that the owners are absolutely clueless.
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Barked: Mon May 18, '09 3:06pm PST 
mom couldnt finish watching them, why did they just keep filming?
that is so wrong.

hug to you gio in your battle against the monster.
we are here for ya

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Barked: Mon May 18, '09 3:52pm PST 
Gio, I've read over the whole thread, and the majority of us don't believe it was funny. Whether they thought it was sleepwalking or a seizure. As I said Shadow has seizures too and it is neither funny nor easy to handle. Here is a few sheltie kisses from us hug hug

ETA: I watched the video you posted, how utterly disgusting. confused Poor baby I can only pray it will get relief somehow...

Did you see the videos at the bottom of her page? eek
It had little kids laughing at the videos of the dog... some people shrug

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Barked: Wed May 20, '09 6:14am PST 
I love how people can watch a video then all of a sudden become a medical doctor. Acting as if they examined the dog. Have any of you that have diagnosed this dog even talked to the owners?
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Barked: Mon Jun 1, '09 10:29am PST 
Dogs do not dream that violently!! When I had my little Maltese she would do the same thing and usually in her sleep. It was not seizures, it was Heart Attacks!!

The first time she did that, I had to grab onto her and hold her tight
( and lovingly) because she was thrashing all over the place.

I ran her up to the emergency clinic immediately, and found out that she just had a heart attack and not a seizure! Apparently, her regular vet never detected that she had a very bad heart murmur and should have been on meds to prevent the attacks.

Unfortunately, the third attack, a week latter, even though on heart meds killed her at 14 1/2 years old.

She was and still is the dearest thing to my heart, and I cried looking at that video because I saw little Gidget flashing before my eyes all over again.

Some people just don't have common sense, when it comes to what's normal for a dog and what isn't. Apparently this dog must be having them all the time, or why else would the owner be so ready with a cam in his hand? I can only hope that the owner sees all of these comments and understands something is wrong with his dog.

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Barked: Sun Jul 12, '09 9:23pm PST 
I feel horrible, I thought the dog was being silly at first.
Now that I see more videos, that dog IS having seizures. They don't dream like that. These are horrible people. I looked at the persons profile and people were telling her to be checked out by a vet as she WAS having seizures. She just denied it and laughed...
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