I want a panda puppy too! -youtube, panda dog


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Barked: Tue Sep 30, '08 12:05pm PST 
You just got to see this, a puppy that has markings like a panda's

http://vids.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=vids.indiv idual&videoid=43575072

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when i tried the link it took me to something not the panda puppy but i found this link

http://myspacetv.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=vids.individual&vi deoid=43575072

they look the same shrug
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I want one tooooooooooo!!!!

SO cute! cloud 9


"Punish the- deed, not the- breed."
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Thanks Maxwave

I thought that pup was really cute.
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OMD what a cutey!
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I've heard of this before. They are not naturally marked like a panda, they are dyed to look like that.
Here's an article:
Panda Dog

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Panda Dog Turns Heads In Tokyo-A cute pooch has people on the streets of Tokyo doing a double-take -- it looks just like a panda.

It's actually a dog that's dyed to look like a panda.

The poodle-Maltese cross was named "Columbo" after the American television detective by pet shop owner Kensuke Hirakawa after he rescued the dog from being destroyed.

At first, the dog was aggressive and would not stop barking.

Its left hind leg is stiff from a past break and all of its canine teeth have been extracted to prevent it from biting.

But gradually, Columbo became tame. Three months ago he became a panda.

His owner said dying the dog to look like a panda made sense, because it always had stains around its eyes.

Columbo, who is naturally white, was dyed using a special hair dye for dogs that lasts about a month.This is the article.

Poor little doggie they yanked out his teeth!!!!! Doesn't seem rightthinking