NEW video from Mookie and Sam!

Mookie & Sam

Barked: Thu Jan 24, '08 7:27am PST 
Hey! Check out the latest video from Mookie and Sam! It's called "Sam goes to Texas" and it's really funny!!


Don't forget to check out their website at www.mookieandsam.com

Brownie the- brown dog
Barked: Sat Jan 26, '08 1:57pm PST 
snoopysnoopysnoopysnoopysnoopysnoopysnoopysnoopysnoopysnoopysnoopysnoopysnoopysnoopysnoopyWe found you, we finally found you! Mookie and Sam, we are such big fans of you! We have seen all of your videos. We think you two are so cool. This is the best day ever! Mookie & Sam rule *Woofs*snoopysnoopysnoopysnoopysnoopysnoopysnoopysnoopysnoopysnoopysnoopysnoopysnoopy