Anyone else having video posting issues?


Pet me....Now...
Barked: Tue Mar 6, '07 3:31pm PST 
My daddy has captured some some QuickTime videos of me from his Olympus digital camera. They start out as .MOV format.

Daddy tries to post using Video Egg. He can drag and drop, crop the timing....but it always fails to upload.

Do they have to be converted to a .AVI or .WMV format?thinking
Sandy (aka- Thumper)

Stunned that- Dogster is going- away
Barked: Wed May 7, '08 5:42pm PST 
If he is on Windows vista it won't work you need xp or earlier, but even with that I am still having problems
Gray Dawn- Treader

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Barked: Sat May 10, '08 1:25pm PST 
I've had that problem with MOV, AVI, and WMV files. I've heard that VideoEgg doesn't work too well with Windows setups a lot of times.thinking
I upload my videos to petfinder.com.
The reason that I can put videos on Dogster is if my mistress uses her dad's computer, which is Windows but can handle VideoEgg.
P.S. Both my mistress's computer and her dad's computers are Xp.

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Barked: Sun Jun 1, '08 3:27pm PST 
A few times I`ve uploaded a video and only the sound portion was processed,the video was blank. I`ve had to remove it and re-post.