Dogsterland Exclusive! Anyone in TN avail for transport 12/7?

This is a special place for Dogsters to help Dogsters arrange for community transport of rescues or dogs being re-homed. Even though we love our community, please remember this is the Internet. Be sure not to post personal information publicly or share it prematurely; always use your best judgment when working with people unknown to you. Thanks for helping our furry friends get to their furever homes!

Tiller- (Skansen's- Ira in the M

I DO Exist...To- Drive You Batty
Barked: Fri Nov 22, '13 12:57pm PST 
Southpaws is moving a dog in AL fostered by a Dogster to a Dogster in Chicago. We have a leg from Nashville to Louisville (to yet ANOTHER Dogster, lol!) that needs filling on Saturday, December 7th. Can anyone here help...pretty please? smile
Dylan aka- Dilly,my- angel

frisbee- s rule
Barked: Fri Nov 22, '13 4:17pm PST 
wrong side of chicago for me. sorry

Because I'm- Duncan, that's- why

Barked: Mon Nov 25, '13 9:07pm PST 
blue dog Just to be clear: the only leg of this transport that we need to fill, is from Nashville, TN, to Louisville, KY.

The date is Saturday, Dec. 7.

Anyone in Nashville TN that could possibly help ?! Or does anyone KNOW anyone in Nashville TN ?? We are desperate to fill this one leg!!

Sarah, CWSR,- CWG1, CGC

Million Dollar- Mutt
Barked: Tue Nov 26, '13 6:25pm PST 
I don't know anyone in Nashville, sorry! Best of luck!

Because I'm- Duncan, that's- why

Barked: Tue Nov 26, '13 9:17pm PST 
Ok! Thanks for the bump though, Sarah! wink