Legs needed covered! ID to VA

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Sage CGC

Mommy's lil- princess
Barked: Mon Dec 5, '11 3:38pm PST 
We have a black lab that wants to make it's way to a dogster's home before Christmas. It's a long drive, but we know we can do it! Please let me know if you can cover a leg, and what day you can so that we can work out everything date wise!

Idaho Falls, ID to Rock Springs, WY 4 hrs 49 mins / 297.14 miles

Rock Spring, WY to Cheyenne, WY 3 hrs 39 mins / 257.53 miles

Cheyenne, WY to North Platte, NE 3 hrs 6 mins / 220.66 miles

North Platte, NE to Lincoln, NE 3 hrs 15 mins / 226.67 miles

Lincoln, NE to Des Moines, IA 3 hrs 6 mins / 187.87 miles

Des Moines, IA to Joliet, IA 4 hrs 51 mins / 307.31 miles

Joliet, IA to South Bend, IN 1 hour 58 mins / 106.17 miles

South Bend, IN to Elyria, OH 3 hrs 35 mins / 231.16 miles

Elyria, OH to Pittsburgh, PA 2 hrs 24 mins / 146.36 miles

Pittsburg, PA to Triangle, VA 4 hrs 47 mins / 269.36 miles

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Barked: Tue Dec 6, '11 8:00am PST 
I assume you mean Des Moines, IA to Joliet, IL?
Sage CGC

Mommy's lil- princess
Barked: Tue Dec 6, '11 1:31pm PST 
All legs are covered! Thanks guys!