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This is a special place for Dogsters to help Dogsters arrange for community transport of rescues or dogs being re-homed. Even though we love our community, please remember this is the Internet. Be sure not to post personal information publicly or share it prematurely; always use your best judgment when working with people unknown to you. Thanks for helping our furry friends get to their furever homes!


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We are currently located in Colorado and about 3 weeks ago, had to flee from Ohio due to my husband. He was threatening bodily harm to not only me but my animals as well. He had learned that I was trying to leave him and took away all of my money, cut my breaks in my car and tried to kill my cat.

Due to some very good people, everyone is safe, but we had to leave behind our cat and dog. My sister took my dog to PA with her so he wouldn't hurt him, and my cat is residing at the Tame A Cat rescue where I obtained him from in Ohio.

We don't have a lot of money, and the battered woman's shelter recommends that I not obtain a job until a couple court dates go through and we are completely safe. We are living at a friends house and have complete permission to bring in the animals. Is there any possible way that something could be arranged to bring our cat and dog out here to us? I plan on staying here in Colorado but can't afford the $500 pet transport fee that most companies start at. I am trying to bring everyone back together, but I need help. They can only hold the animals for so long and I'm afraid I'm running out of time.

I am reaching out to anyone or any organization that might be able to help us.

Thanks for your time,

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I believe I have Pennsylvania and Ohio covered, and might have someone in Indiana to help out. If anyone can pick up another state it would be wonderful. My dog doesn't have long before he's returned to the humane society. I bailed him from a kill shelter a couple months before we had to flee and I can't stand the thought of him going back.

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Contact Operation Roger.


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I can pick up at the illionis border, and do half the state of iowa
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