Transport Needed Worcester,MA - Youngtown, OH by 7/24

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Barked: Fri Jul 16, '10 10:54am PST 
I have a dog, Trousers, that was supposed to be flown by rescue transport to Youngstown, Ohio and then on to Canada. However, the airline is saying that his kennel is too big (he's 75+ lbs) and the temperatures are too high to fly him. He is currently in Worcester, MA and has been for 1 month. He is a bulldog/staffy mix and they are willing to take him if we can get him by car/truck to the rescue by July 24th. All of their other dogs are being picking up on the 24th for transport to Canada. Is there any help that you could offer us for Trousers?
Sammy - RIP

Barked: Sun Jul 18, '10 10:37pm PST 
Can't believe no one's responded yet. Have you had anyone contact you with regards to moving the dog?