Please pray for my mommy


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My auntie is writing this for me. Please pray for my mommy. She lost her job and can not get unemployment. She is a bad diabetic and very sick. She loves us so much and always puts us first before her. Now it is our turn to help her. Please pray for her. Love Sophie and Jr

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hug For all of you from Lily and Moira hug

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We will pray for your mommy... hug

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Barked: Sat Jun 20, '09 10:09am PST 
Loving and healing thoughts and prayers go out to your mommyhug
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Thoughts and Prayers for your Mommy. Hoping things turn out right.
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Praying for your Mommy hug

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I will pray for your mommy! balloons hug
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Praying for yur Mommy....hug


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You're a real sweetie for asking for help for your mommy. Of course I'll pray for her too. way to go