Mumz Ladee brought me home a prezent


Bully Dozer
Barked: Fri Apr 17, '09 11:22am PST 
Ok, so sitting in the house all day, I wondered what was taking mum to get home. It was wayyyy pasts her time to let me out. Well, she comes rolling up in the box car, gets out checks the box for papers, and they I seez sumting in hers hand. IT BIG!! She come in and showz me. AHHH, YIPPEEE YIPPEEE! A new pride and joy, I got a collar harness ting! It's red I tink, and it had fluffy padding on the inside, and it has sum kind of stick tingy behind me. Well my mumz told me it was a weight pull harness, ummmm, ok?
So, we go outside with my new lead on too, and my dadz is home by this time, and he hook weights to the back of my harness, near the stick. I freak out at first, oh my goodness what is this. But I soon get the hang of things and I pull these weights all over the yard. I kept getting treats and they kept callin me a good BOY! I love my new harness so much, that I think I want to put it on again today! Mumz lady says I spoilt!