My Diary has messed up my page!

Hannah, CGC,- Therapy Dog

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Barked: Wed Jan 28, '09 1:46pm PST 

Wud sumebody help me and my Mommie. Finally well after a year, Mommie started diaries on my page and my sissie's page and my bwudder's page. Eberybody's dairy went on der page just fine except mine! At first Mommie fought is was da background I hab, but abter Mommie removed da background, my page is still all scwewed up!!! It habs all these lines on da left of da page thereby shoving all my stuff way ober to da right!! All dis happened wight abter Mommie posted my first Diary entwy.

Dogster won't wet you alter or change your diary entry, so Mommie can't eben take it off!! Can anybody help up fix da page????

Tails wags and spins,

Da' Beachie Girls (Hannah's page!) and dat Bwudder Harwey!
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Barked: Fri Feb 6, '09 12:59pm PST 
Ok I have experienced that happen. To fix this is simple, you just get a new background. It is very simpleway to go