Dogster Poll Lost or Stolen

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Barked: Wed Jan 21, '09 3:28pm PST 
The dogster homepage poll was about doggies getting lost or stolen. This is something I have always heard, but don't know if it's true.

You should read the lost pet section in the newspaper and if it seems like a lot of the same breeds are being lost or if a lot of dogs are lost around the same area, then there is a dog thief around.

Like I said, I don't know if that is true or not. I wonder if anyone else has ever heard this.
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Barked: Thu Jan 22, '09 5:04pm PST 
Sadly there a LOT of lost/stolen cases.. some end happily, a lot dont... cry

Some visiting corgis to a local dog show by me (Edison, NJ) were STOLEN on site but happily later found in a different town at a SHELTER.. someone must have seen how everyone was searching and got scared and dumped them!

This happens a lot... it's really scary.