New Diary Entry- Try to Spread the Word for Worthy Doggies

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ETA: Title Should Have said "Trying to Spread the Word for Worthy Doggies"

Just wanted to share my Newest Diary entry:

Hi Furriends,

Anyone who knows me, knows that I am TOTALLY in LOVE with my Wheaten mix Emma. So what is a Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier like? First off they tend not to shed alot as they only have a single coat. They have wonderfully soft coats, like a big stuffed animal (one of Emma's nicknames is Bear). Wheatens have lots of energy and are incredibly smart. They are sweet and playful, staying puppy-like til senior years.

I am a member of Wheaten Rescue and currently there are many dogs in need of homes. Now until Spring is usually the slow time in dog adoptions, so I am trying to spread the word in order to hopefully find homes for these furbabies. Although most of them are located in Kansas City, Missouri, they have transport available for Puppy Mill surviors if you have a fenced yard. They need a place called Home and people to call Family. You would be giving them someting they very much deserve. There are also other dogs located in different parts of the country.

Could you be looking to add a dog to your family? If so, might I suggest you go to www.wheatenterrierrescue.org and see if any of those sweet faces speak to your heart. And if you are not, could you please spread the word to anyone who might be? It is really easy to submit an application and one of our coordinators with the rescue will call you in a timely manner.

Thank you Kindly,
Emma's Mom

ps- you have to check out Corny- if Mom and I were allowed he would be coming home with us! Please check him out, he's been there over a year already, and he so wants his own Furrever Family.

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~Emma~ RL1

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Shameless bump to the top.

We are going to the Wheatin' Greeting, well Tomorrow!!!

If you check out my page I have a little widget that will take you to the rescues' listings on Petfinder.

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You're on the top, but we'll give you a bump anyway smile! We love Wheaton terriers!

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Although mama works with Missouri Pitbull Rescue in Kansas City, we all appreciate any efforts to save any animal!! way to goway to go