How do I get someone to rate my page?!


Tipper-aka- Lots 'o- Spots
Barked: Mon May 19, '08 1:42pm PST 
Hope I'm barking in the right place...I see a lot of pups pages have been rated. How can I get mine to be rated?

Puppy Love, Tipper (& her Mama)
dorothy- *dot* louise- in heaven

it's hard bein'- a pup
Barked: Mon May 19, '08 7:05pm PST 
Hi Tipper!

Do you me the Give Paw ratings? You can set that on your account page. Then you are part of a Dogster Stroll. Your page will come up on the give some paw stroll. But it is pretty random. Also I have to warn you that if you are taking the give paw stroll it is very addicting. I can spend all night giving paws to pups.

ps. I sent you a ppr.

Otis - ...WHO rescued- WHOM?...
Barked: Mon May 19, '08 9:15pm PST 
Hey Miz DottieLou! I had been wondering the same thing, and can't find it on our pages (even looked on the "old form") shrug Are we overlooking it (highly possible...). Thanks for being such a greatly helpful (and mighty pretteee) frrriend! balloons

LaSsiEϰ- 4;Angel- Loved

Doggie- Connection
Barked: Tue May 20, '08 6:57am PST 

Click on 3. Account preferences [Review and set all your custom preferences]
Click on 5. Gimme Some Paw preferences [Modify now]

Otis - ...WHO rescued- WHOM?...
Barked: Tue May 20, '08 5:07pm PST 
way to go Thanks! I never would have found them...Haha now we'll see if other folks think pore ol Otis and Tiny (the good ol' boys from Texas) are really as cute as I think they are!.......thinking

Otis - ...WHO rescued- WHOM?...
Barked: Thu May 22, '08 6:10pm PST 
Yea!snoopy Me and Tiny both got some paws - That made my day, 'cause Mom was sad that she was in a very nice forum this morning (as most of them are, here on Dogster) and clicked on a dog's page who had DIRTY words for a cursor, and had to report him to HQ, Baaadd Kharma...
Lillian- Marie

Lovely Lillian
Barked: Wed Jun 25, '08 5:57am PST 
Oof! I wanna know what the public thinks of my glamour! I'll go do that, too. Thanks for this post! smile

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