Entry: Audition


So many places,- so little pee...
Barked: Fri Oct 26, '07 6:46am PST 
Now it all makes sense.

We thought it pretty unusual when we both went to the groomer’s yesterday. We are both pretty low maintenance types hair wise. OK, so Dad has to chase hairballs on a regular basis, but our coats rarely need official grooming from the pros. Dust us off once a week and we’re golden! Sadie more so than me.

She went first and was pretty nervous. I don’t blame her either, the last couple of times she’s been on tables resulted in knee operations. That wasn’t fun. Dad said she settled down and seemed to enjoy the grooming toward the end.

Then it was my turn. First Dad puts me on this table, scary enough there right? This woman approaches, you know the type; Looks like she might be a cat horder... She slips this noose around my neck... Now I can’t move, and can only face one direction, and then… The horror!!! I almost peed the table it was so bad! How could it be borne?

Here I am, strapped down for torture by some catwoman type, dog knows what else is going to happen to me. And I am forced to watch and listen to what they are doing to this poor dog just across the room from me. Get this; they are vacuuming this dog!!! And I whimper to myself, “Manny my boy, this is the day you die!”

And you know what makes this all even more horrible? The poor dog is actually enjoying it!!! Oh, that poor twisted soul! How many times must he have been tortured like that to where he enjoys it? Howl-o-ween is just around the corner for our pets, and I can only compare this experience to them watching ‘The Texas Chainsaw Massacre’ movie, only even more horrible because the victims, instead of running and screaming, are enjoying it!!!

The vacuum was very noisy and strong too, it was distorting his head. The whole time he is just sitting there smiling. I’ll tell you, THAT was my scare for the season! A bunch of brats tripping over home made costumes is gonna be nothing after that.

Anyway, I survived. They didn't even vacuum me.

Today Dad bustled us off to the Bank. Only it was not our Bank, it was a different one. And this time we both went in at the same time. We only go in one-at-a-time when visiting our regular Bank.

So in we go, and the pets there are treating us like movie stars! Oh yeah, we got our pictures taken with the little chalk board with our names on it and everything. We were interviewed too.

Dad said they were looking for a dog to help make their Bank commercials, and he entered us. He printed our Dogster pages and left them there too. That is why my main picture today is my Bank one. He thought it might give me an edge over the competition. He pitched us (that's movie star talk) as a couple. He said our playing and growling could substitute as a human couple grumbling over money matters.

Maybe I’ll be a movie star and famous. Yeah, that’ll be cool. Long as it doesn’t involve baths, grooming, and vacuuming.

Right, Dad?


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Barked: Fri Oct 26, '07 5:11pm PST 
Poor Manny! The torture you had to endure for the chance to become famous! I too hate the dreaded baths, though I've never been sent to the 'Pros' *shudder* You brave soul...


On the upside, that's awesome you got to audition! Good Luck, I hope you & your sis get through. When you become rich & famous, can I be the first to get your pawtograph?? snoopy