Diary Contest!

♥ Winnie♥

Happy Howldays
Barked: Thu Oct 11, '07 4:47pm PST 
I wanna see how people score soooooo I am having a contest just for fun! It's a Diary Contest. Look at your Diary right now. And tell me how many posts you have. This is what I want to to have.
Your name
How many Entries
And the date you counted them for this submission
You may not update it. We want it as soon as you post and nothing else. The ones who make the crime do the time. So you might not get to participate! Enter today or another day!

Let's Play!
Barked: Fri Oct 12, '07 10:12am PST 
Hi, I'm Oscar and I have 11 entries as of today 10/12/07
Woof woof woof!
Bailey-- Loved- Furever

Catch me if you- can (trust me- you can't)
Barked: Sat Oct 13, '07 11:08am PST 

My name is Bailey...I have 264 diary entries. Today is October 13th!



Eve: aka Evil- Sidewinder
Barked: Tue Oct 16, '07 5:25am PST 
hi Winnie wave i know i don't have a bunch of entries ...... but when i tried to see them all...... it keeps saying " Dang " lost page shrug is there a feature to retrieve past entries that i haven't found ? shrug
☆Edie,- NPC☆

Play- nice!!
Barked: Tue Oct 16, '07 4:26pm PST 
My name is Edie and I have 24 entries as of today (10/16/07). I updated it earlier today, before I saw this contest.
Bailey-- Loved- Furever

Catch me if you- can (trust me- you can't)
Barked: Tue Oct 16, '07 5:51pm PST 
Eve, if you go to your account page, to diary entries and click on "edit/delete an entry", it will bring up a listing of all of your diaries...don't worry, you're not going to delete them unless you click on delete after you're already on that page!


Eve: aka Evil- Sidewinder
Barked: Tue Oct 16, '07 8:21pm PST 
thanks Bailey cheercheer i have 16 entries dog guess i have to be a little more deligent laugh out loud
Lucy Mae

Barked: Wed Oct 17, '07 6:37am PST 
Wow I have more than i thought!!!

Lucy Mae
23 entries
counted 10/17/2007

BarooOOOOooo!!!!!! snoopy

A little love- sponge
Barked: Thu Oct 18, '07 1:08pm PST 
My name is Gizmo and I have 92 diary entries as of 10/18/07 (posted todays diary before I read this). I just love telling stories about my mom and my life. snoopysnoopy
Sharna *2000- - Sep 2007*

Sharna Banana - mum's angel
Barked: Fri Oct 19, '07 10:25pm PST 
My name is Sharna and I have 34 diary entries as of today (10/19/07)