How many of you read other peoples diaries

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Oooops! I ate my- motto....*burp!*
Barked: Thu Sep 13, '07 8:35am PST 
I love reading diaries, too! There are some really talented pups here on Dogster!!! way to go
But I agree with Thor - we don't have high speed interent available to us, either (one of the downfalls of living in the boon-docks!) and some pages are over the top with graphics etc. so we skip those because of load time.

Lord of the- manor,master of- the woods.
Barked: Thu Sep 13, '07 10:03am PST 
Yup,yup! I second that! Love to read diary entries as best we can with "boondocks" dial-up connection. Woof! J.L.
FurAngelDan- iel A.K.A.- Bobie

Highways are for- conquering!- Run,BoboRun
Barked: Thu Sep 13, '07 10:21pm PST 
We love to read the diaries. They give such insight into doggie's and kittie's minds, and with so much cruelty in the world it is so nice to read about such love.

Agadore Spartacus

I'm a lover, not- a fighter!
Barked: Fri Sep 14, '07 9:41pm PST 
We LURRRRRVVVVV to read the diaries...especially IZZIE....he is SOOOO clever.....big laugh

Smiling Westie- Boy
Barked: Sun Sep 16, '07 1:23pm PST 
I love to read, other pups diaries! Especially when it's my pal's diaries! I like to see what they have been up tosnoopy
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