How many of you read other peoples diaries

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To know me to is- to love me.
Barked: Sun Sep 9, '07 11:24am PST 
Hi I was just wonding how many people read other peoples diaries? For me myself I try to read a least ten a day sometimes more.
Sweet Angel- Candy

Opt to- adopt
Barked: Sun Sep 9, '07 12:28pm PST 
We love reading the diaries, makes us laugh sometimes and cry others
Harrison My- Angel- forever

It's All About- ME!
Barked: Sun Sep 9, '07 3:58pm PST 
We really like reading diaries too!! It is fun cause you can learn more about your friends!cheer

Bailey-- Loved- Furever

Catch me if you- can (trust me- you can't)
Barked: Sun Sep 9, '07 8:28pm PST 
I read a lot of the other diaries! It's so much fun!!!


Hump Hump
Barked: Mon Sep 10, '07 12:29pm PST 
NONE !! peoples pages have got so many bells and whistles that they take forever to load , we dont have high speed connection in our area yet , and I dont have the time towait 4 to 5 mins while the page loads . I do miss looking at other peoples dogs ,,and reading bio's et ,,but not at 4 to 5 min loads,,

Eve: aka Evil- Sidewinder
Barked: Mon Sep 10, '07 3:28pm PST 
love to read the diary's .....but agree with Thor ... some are just so loaded up that it takes forever to get it all downloaded on this old puter. some even make it freeze up ..... but when we can we love reading all about a pups adventures & updates. our favorites are Nellies & Samuel Jacobs though. hugs & licks

Mars is covered- in BBQs!
Barked: Mon Sep 10, '07 7:04pm PST 
I got a halfway decent comp, but the graphics are still a pain. laugh out loud Yup yup, diaries are fun. I love it when it's written BY the dogs, all happy and hyper and all. snoopy

dorothy- *dot* louise- in heaven

it's hard bein'- a pup
Barked: Tue Sep 11, '07 11:59am PST 
I have some favorites that I read whenever they get updated. I like to read the diaries of my pup pals, too. I also like to go on random strolls and if those pups have diaries I'll read those too.
I like to read diaries because I like to know what other pups are thinking about and doing. And many of the diaries are sooo funny they really put a smile on my face and mom's face too.

You want me to- do what?
Barked: Tue Sep 11, '07 12:01pm PST 
Mommy and I really enjoy reading the doggie diaries. It is a way to learn more about that doggie and where they live. Sometimes the humans don't list where they live and we search for clues on their doggie pages, including the diary!!

Born- to be- Wild!
Barked: Thu Sep 13, '07 6:30am PST 
I love reading other pups' diaries. I have some faves that I check regularly, but I also like to read random diaries accessed from the Dogster home page. Sometimes I like them so much I send them a PPR or pmail them.
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