Lexis' BIG scare!


Big Awkward- Puppy
Barked: Sun Jul 15, '07 8:30pm PST 
Hi everyone, I would like to share my biggest scare, the one that blew my mommy, daddy, my vet and everyone else around us away!
My BIG scare came at just over 6 months old and I was a week away from getting spayed. My mommy noticed a lump forming on my right side just outside my rib cage. Mommy knew I seen the vet in another week so kept an eye on it but the following night it had grown to the size of a softball! So, my mommy called the vet and rushed me in. The vet took an xray but nothing showed except for a strange ammount of soft puss forming around my ribcage which left my vet speechless. He suscribed some meds to bring the swellign down and 3 days later I popped the lump with my front teeth and had pink coloured puss drain out and my mommy cleaned me up and I went into my crate to lay down and POP a kish kobab stick came out my side! Mommy was in shocked when that happened and when i went to the vets office he was amazed! X rays dont show wood so he didnt know that was there! Too make a long story short, 3 weeks before the incident our neighbors were having a BBQ where they had a big plate of kish kobabs on their BBQ and they said it was ok for me to hang around but didnt keep an eye on me and I was a naughty girl and went to steal the kish kabobs and swallowed one stick whole! LuckilyLuckily after i swallowed it whole it had been exiting out my tummy and then through my rib cage slowly over a course of 3 weeks and made its way out of me! Everyone including my mommy, daddy and vet were totally amazed. I may not have been here today if my body hadn't of healed itself so well. It could of been so much worse! My mommy kept the shish kabob stick in a ziploc bag and shows people and tells the story about how i am a "miracle" puppy, a survivor! I showed no signs of being in pain that whole 3 weeks it was in my body, and i even tried playing with my mommy when the stick came out my side and was just sticking out of me but mommy told me to relax. When the vet had seen the xrays they showed that the puss had built up aroudn the rib cage where the stick(now we know) was exiting its way and all the organs were pushed over but looked fine otherwise so my tummy had repaired itself slowly as the stick left me. Everyone at the vet's office was amazed!

I am lucky to be alive!!!

I just ahd to share this amazing story!
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