Please ...Please Read My Diary and see My page - I really need every pups help!

Cheyenne- FOUND & SAFE- AT HOME!

Shy-Shy ~- Shy-Girl
Barked: Fri Jul 6, '07 1:14pm PST 
Missing since Saturday April 7th - from a Groomers - where they put me next to an open window - and went to get the blow dryer - i got scared and jumped out the window, they had taken off my collar - so i have no ID - and no chip either - mom is very sad about that !

I thought i could find home - I alsmost did!
But now I am lost - Mom and Dad & thousands of people are helping to search for me - in everyway imagainable!

Please Read Diary explains - I may have been picked up and taken far away - possibly by a trucker who doesn't know people are looking for me !
Thanks for your time and for any help of any kind !!!

xoxoxox ~ Cheyenne

Dogs make our- lives whole
Barked: Sun Jul 8, '07 2:41pm PST 
I hope you find home soon!!

Barked: Tue Jul 10, '07 11:51am PST 
i hope you make it home safe and sound good luck


The little- digger
Barked: Wed Jul 11, '07 2:33pm PST 
I really hope everything turns our ok. Sounds like you are really getting her info out there. Have you thought about taking out an ad in your local paper and other papers in your state? That would really reach a lot of people. Also use technology to your advantage. Try sites like You tube and emails. Any video on You Tube tends to spread pretty quickly. Start a chain email. The more people you reach the better chance of your baby being spotted and returned. Good luck with your search. We will be praying for you!