Daily Dog Diary?

Hanna Jane

You'll reget- saying no!
Barked: Mon Apr 23, '07 7:05am PST 
Hello! Does anybody know how they pick the daily dog diary entry for the homepage? I want to share my diary entry with the world! How do I do it?

The- Destructinator!
Barked: Sun Apr 29, '07 9:05am PST 
Just post it everywhere you can....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!applausecrylaugh out loudsilencedcheercloud 9hailwavewinkdancingway to go: o)shrugkitty

I eat- everything.
Barked: Fri Jun 1, '07 9:05pm PST 
that's the question I wanted to ask!dancing


Why run when you- can hop??!!
Barked: Sat Jun 2, '07 2:11pm PST 
ll the daily diary pick is picked by the HQ of dogster.
What i say is just keep writing in your diary you can even write kind of about the same things but in diffrent ways. Like Hana you can write about the diffrent places you go about your favorite places how much you love your job. ECT

Buns of steel
Barked: Tue Jun 5, '07 10:10am PST 
Yup the other hounds are right. My diary has been featured as the daily pick twice before and all you can do is just write about anything. They tend to pick the diaries late at night California time because right before mommy went to bed once is when she heard the aol thingy to say You've Got Mail and learned I was diary of the day.