Tuggy anyone?
Barked: Mon Apr 16, '07 7:07am PST 
I just wrote my first diary entry, and please read it people, i need your help!


Barked: Mon Apr 16, '07 7:46am PST 
NO !! Your Mommy sounds like a real meanie !! Making you get a hair cut, that seems so extreme !! What's she thinking ? Your pictures are so cute, I can't imagine a hair cut would be an improvement !!
If it makes you feel better, Mom made me go to the vet today ! I had my heartworm test and my nails clipped ! eek
Why are humans so cruel !?

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Barked: Mon Apr 16, '07 12:29pm PST 
Daddy took me to the groomers on Saturday to get my nails clipped. That was so traumatic. I trembled like a leaf and he wouldn't let me down......he found out how bad a shiba can shed when they are nervous

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Barked: Mon Apr 16, '07 4:58pm PST 
Sorry that I was too late to help you, Clover.
Next time (and you know there will be a next time), try fainting just before you are scheduled to leave the house. You know...act all normal, then stagger and roll over, with one paw over your eyes (for dramatic effect). I don't know if it will work, but maybe it will make your mom laugh so hard she pees her pants, which means she will have to change clothes, which means you will be late for the appointment, and who wants to be late, so she will forget about going and be too embarrassed to make another appointment. Just a thought.

Where's the- squirrel?
Barked: Mon Apr 16, '07 6:24pm PST 
Don't let them cut the moustache......
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Barked: Tue Apr 17, '07 11:14pm PST 
I sorry Clover, I couldnt help. My mom was busy brushing and trimming my coat. I hate those scissors and the brush.....I dont care how good I look when Im cleaned up.

Hope you feel better..Doggie Hugs to you.