Is your writter male or female?

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Where did all of- this hair come- from?
Barked: Thu Mar 8, '07 6:52pm PST 
Most of Ayumi's diary entries have been posted by her Mommie, with one by Ayumi's Daddy. So...

both female and male writers. big grin

and female dog

Edited by author Thu Mar 8, '07 6:53pm PST


Better than I- was
Barked: Thu Mar 8, '07 9:45pm PST 
! fmale dog, one male dog, female writer

But...we know there are males out there.....(and they probably have female dogs)

If I could dream- it'd be about y- o u.
Barked: Fri Mar 9, '07 1:45am PST 
Female Writer

2 male dawgs

Arthur- furever- wiggling

Watching over- all my friends!
Barked: Fri Mar 9, '07 10:45am PST 
1 male dog Mom types much better than me!
1 male cat

female author
Sadie- Lickin's

Lick 'em all!
Barked: Fri Mar 9, '07 1:12pm PST 
Ayumi, I'm throwing your man out. Becha Mom has wanted to do that a time or two! But one entry does not an author make. smile

So, going by posters on this thread we are at 23:1 girls over guys.
Iris Foxie,- certified SD

Mom's wish is my- command
Barked: Fri Mar 9, '07 1:31pm PST 
female author
female canine

however I know D.O.G. is male and so is the author!party

I dare you to- pet me!
Barked: Fri Mar 9, '07 8:15pm PST 
Male author here!

5 male dogs
1 female dog

Dog is my- co-pilot
Barked: Fri Mar 9, '07 11:09pm PST 
Male author

1 male dog
1 female dog
1 dead dog male

A DOG is for- LIFE.
Barked: Sat Mar 10, '07 12:12am PST 
Three dogs, two females and one male.

Three authors, not necessarily one for each dog, as we pick and choose when the mood hits. Two underage male authors, one female author (call me Mom).
Sadie- Lickin's

Lick 'em all!
Barked: Sat Mar 10, '07 12:26pm PST 
Wew! Dad was getting seriously worried there.

We are now at 25/5 girls over guys.

And a BIG well done to young male authors! way to go
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