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Point of view?


Where ya goin'? - I'm comin with
Barked: Tue Feb 27, '07 12:50pm PST 
I am new to Dogster and let me start by saying "I LOVE IT"!! With that out of the way, I see that most people write the diaries from the dogs point of view. I would like to keep a diary, but am not creative enough to do it from Lincoln's view. Would it be wrong or not look good if I wrote it as mom's point of view??

Please let me know what you think . . . . . ? ? ?

Where can I run- today?
Barked: Tue Feb 27, '07 1:29pm PST 
Everything I post on here is from my own POV and talk about Kolbe in the third person, not as if I am her. I never really thought it was a big deal either way, I don't have a preference myself! smile

if life gives u- lemons,play- fetch w them
Barked: Tue Feb 27, '07 2:29pm PST 
Everyone has their own preference. It can be fun to try it from the dog's point of view, but I often find myself switching back and forth. That can get confusing, but everyone understands well enough.

I try to make an effort to keep everything from one point of view in the same area (the same point of view in the same thread), but I switch depending on what makes more sense in the next area.

Welcome to Dogster!!!


Where ya goin'? - I'm comin with
Barked: Tue Feb 27, '07 5:29pm PST 
Thanks! Now I feel a little better. . . I seemed to only come across the point of view of the dog, and not the Mom. . .like I said, I just am not that creative, at least now yet. . . give me some more time with this little guy any I might give his point of view a try!!!smile