Traveling on Spirit Air with a frenchie

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Barked: Mon Nov 4, '13 8:20am PST 
I've been searching online and have found several posts on flying with frenchies, but I haven't found anyone that has flown on Spirit with one.

I am looking to take my little man from Pennsylvania to Florida for Christmas. I've read Spirit's policy several times. My concern is the size of the bag/mainly the height. Spirits website lists dimensions of 18x14x9. (9 being the height allowed). Everyone that has posted about traveling with Frenchies seems to say that they use the large Sherpa, but the one I found is listed as 19x11.75x11.5. So the height is 1.5 inches taller than allowed, and the length is 1 inch over. Does anyone know if Spirit is very strict about these measurements? Or does anyone have a better travel bag suggestion?

My little guy is 19 lbs, so I'm not necessarily worried about the weight, but he seems "tall" to me, but to be honest, I've never met another frenchie (only judging from pictures) so he could be a normal size.

Also, he's a very active 10 month old. Any suggestions for keeping him calm at the airport. He loves people and gets so excited when anyone acknowledges him.

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Barked: Thu Nov 7, '13 2:06am PST 
I've flown on other airlines where the height limit was 10" and I had no trouble getting my 11" tall carrier under the seat. As for the airline pulling out a tape and measuring... chances are well in your favor that they won't bother.

As for keeping the pup calm, other than pulling him out of the bag to clear the security checkpoint, airport and airline rules are that he is to stay in the carrier. I'd take a small baby receiving-type blanket to drape over it while you are waiting to board and not let him pop his head out.