Fitting side-by-side crates in Subaru Forester

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Blake CGC

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Barked: Sun Jul 7, '13 9:14pm PST 
Does anyone use 2 of the 30" tall midwest crates side-by-side in a Subaru Forester? Looking at the dimensions (42" L x 21" W x 30" H), they *should* fit, but has anyone actually done it?

Member Since
Barked: Sun Jun 15, '14 4:40pm PST 
I realize that this is a bit late but I do have an answer today. No you cannot fit two of these crates in a Forester. They are too long. When they get pushed to the front seats the upper handles for the back door are in the way. I just ordered two of these crates and almost killed myself trying to get them to fit. I had to dismantle one of them too!