Dog Friendly Nashville and Memphis

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Barked: Tue Jul 2, '13 8:32am PST 
I am taking my two boys to meet some friends who are visiting Memphis and while we are there, we are gonna make a day trip to Nashville. I don't wanna leave my dogs in a day care all day so I need to know what places I can take them, I been to dog friendly.com and wrote down their stuff but want to know if there is any others....

Also instead of a second post, can anyone tell me is it ok to travel with seniors? My boys are 10 and 11 and we are coming from Minnesota so its at least 12 hrs

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Barked: Wed Jul 3, '13 6:17am PST 
Check these out for nashville




+ you may search some veterenary clinics in Memphis - they should help you

also http://www.gopetfriendly.com

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Here is a good link for you: