First pet-friendly vacation--Suggestions?

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I can't post the link because apparently something in it isn't "G rated" and therefore not Dogster friendly (even though all the words are permissible on Dogster), but if you go to Ruffwear's site, there's a link on the homepage to an article called "Dog Friendly Road Trip Destinations" that lists a few locations with a strong emphasis on outdoor activities.

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It is a lot further to travel but if you are interested in taking your dog to Europe then Berlin is a very dog friendly city - Berliners take their dogs everywhere - even to church!!! There are lots of holiday apartments that take dogs and there are lots of parks and lakes to go walking and where your dog can take a swim. A longer trip but definitely not boring!

This accommodation allows dogs - I stayed there once and it was lovely.
http://www.ferienwohnung-24-berlin.com/unterkunft/auswert.p hp?id=2&lang=en

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Colorado and Carmel are definitely good vacation places for pet lovers and pets. Got few tips for pet travel needs here: Petstreetmall.com/Dog-Travel/458.html

Great event for any places are the dog shows and pet events, lots of fun especially for pets.

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