Dog owners beware traveling within the Pomona, CA area

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Barked: Thu Nov 22, '12 12:59pm PST 
While in Pomona, CA our show dog Jake was taken from the back of our pickup when we left for less than 2 hours. He had food, water, carpet to lay on, insulated shelter, moderate temp of 70 degrees, on a leash long enough so he could get shelter but short enough so he could not get in trouble and hang himself.

The Inland Empire SPCA took Jake and injured him severely in the sinus area. This injury caused severe swelling of the sinus cavity and capillary vessels within the sinus area. he then was exposed to spinal meningitis while in their custody for less than 3 hours.

When we went to pick up Jake the supervisor dropped all charges and fees. An error in judgement. OK, OK, I understand it was an error. However, when any animal is picked up I would expect that animal would at least receive as good or better treatment when in SPCA custody.

After numerous X-rays, saliva, urine, blood, and spinal tap we found out he had contacted spinal meningitis while in their custody. Jake will never be in the show ring again because probably permanent brain damage from being in SPCA custody.

Our vet said it was outrageous the damage that was done to Jake's sinus cavity by untrained pickup drivers.

Jake was on an IV for over 30 hours and there were moments we thought we had lost him. He is still on antibiotics after a month.

Hopefully moderators won't dump this post. Animal lovers in Pomona, CA need to be aware of this SPCA and their procedures.

When my wife picked up Jake she almost vomited from the stench of the filthy conditions at that SPCA facility.

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Barked: Sat Nov 24, '12 10:18am PST 
Yes, it is unfortunate that your dog sustained injuries and contacted a viral infection. However, why would someone leave their show dog (or any other dog, for that matter) unattended; no matter how safe you feel the conditions are?

Unattended dogs are targets for theft; even worse, are stolen for bait dogs. How would AC know how long the dog was left alone?
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Barked: Tue Nov 27, '12 3:50pm PST 
I agree with Dahlia. I would be afraid someone would steal my dogs. shock

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Barked: Wed Nov 28, '12 1:31am PST 
Did they already fire those workers? If not, why not threaten to sue them to kick their asses into gear until they do so they don't injure anymore animals??frown

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Barked: Wed Nov 28, '12 2:28pm PST 
In Jakes defense, I've seen many, many show dogs left unattended. Usually at a show when they're not yet in the ring or at hotels that don't permit dogs inside. I personally am too afraid to let my dogs out like that but I don't exactly live in the best area. I'm sure in some areas, people think nothing of it.

Jake, have you considered filing suit against them? At the very least for the cost of his emergency services. It's rediculous that a group that's supposed to care for, help, and protect animals could allow something like this to happen. Good luck, and a swift recovery to you.

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Barked: Thu Nov 29, '12 3:20pm PST 
Really? the show sites we've gone to all say dogs cannot be left in cars unattended..